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If you’re looking for drug addiction information and alcoholism information - you’ve come to the right place. If you’re serious about beating your addictions, you need all the alcoholism info and drug addiction info you can get.

Because the first step in successfully treating and recovering from substance abuse is UNDERSTANDING what you’re dealing with. So to get a handle on the ins and outs of alcoholism and drug addiction, I suggest you spend some time exploring the What is Addiction section of this site. There you’ll discover the definitions of alcoholism and drug addiction, whether they can in fact be classified as diseases, the causes of alcoholism and drug addiction, and what role genetics plays and whether in fact addiction is hereditary.

Step number two in getting the right alcoholism and drug addiction information would be to find out what the Signs and Symptoms are so that you can finally be sure whether you or someone you care about is indeed a drug addiction or alcoholic. So in this area you'll discover the physical symptoms of addiction, the various signs of alcoholism and drug addiction - and you'll be able to take two tests that will be able to confirm whether you or a loved one is indeed an alcoholic or drug addict. So be sure to take the test for alcoholism and test for drug addiction

The next step in your quest for information on alcoholism and drug addiction is to then look at the Treatment Options Section and find the course of action that will get you or a loved one clean and sober. Here you’ll find information on treatment options for alcoholism as well as drug addiction treatment advice; an article on whether a cure for alcoholism is realistically ever going to happen; information on self-help treatment and recovery options, which is continued on this page because there is quite a lot of info I cover; and then alternative alcoholism and addiction treatment is also discussed.

So as far as alcoholism and drug addiction information goes, how are we going so far?

Step number four goes into what you need to be doing to ensure Successful Recovery so that once you’ve managed to come clean and sober, you know what to do so that you prevent relapse. Getting this part right is usually the hardest because effectively you have to build a new life for yourself free from alcohol and drugs, but hopefully you’re find plenty of valuable alcoholism recovery and drug addiction information and recovery advice to help you. There is also an interesting article on how to stop drinking and taking drugs that may help you.

And there’s lots of other really useful information on alcoholism and drug addiction that you’ll find ...

The Rehab Area gives you information and advice on finding and choosing a good drug rehab program or alcoholism treatment center.

Then there is the Teenage Area for you parents. Here you'll learn about the causes of teenage addiction, the signs of teenage addiction to alcoholism or drugs and how to treat teen addiction.

Or if you have a family member/friend that is an alcoholic or addict, you’re probably at your wits end about what to do – so the Family Guidance area will provide you with plenty good advice on how to handle things and what to do. The subjects dealt with are codependency, how to perform an intervention, the effects of alcoholism on children, and the impact alcoholism has on a marriage

And not to be outdone when providing you with drug addiction information and information on alcoholism - the Psychology of Addiction part of this website provides an interesting take on the cause and impact of alcoholism and drug addiction - and provides insight into subjects like the relationship and link between depression and alcoholism and alcoholism and anxiety.

Plus you’ll find an Articles Area with a number of articles I've had published and a Blog Area - so as the site keep growings, new content will appear all the time, so I suggest you make a mental note to come back often to see what else has been added.

If there’s one big tip I can give you, I suggest that you download my book Addiction Uncovered. It is FREE and deals with pretty much most of the topics I mention above so it will be a handy resource for you to keep on hand.

For an even bigger tip, in fact this is a HOT TIP, with a capital H - check out the Resources Area - where I tell you about a couple of resources that could literally change your life.

So as far as drug addiction information and alcoholism information goes, I think you’ll find pretty much most of what you need right here – amongst the pages of this site. So take your time, explore the site and hopefully the information will prove to be helpful.

If you have any questions or would like to contact with me with suggestions or comments – just use the contact form on the Contact Page of the site.

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