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Drug Addiction Signs - How To Spot An Addict

Think you or someone you care about may be showing drug addiction signs? What makes an addict? When do one cross the line from being an occasional or social user to full blown addiction?

Most of the Signs of Alcoholism, also work for drug addiction - so take a moment now to read that.

Generally though, if you don't know what you're looking for, its generally harder to recognise a drug problem than alcoholism - because we all know what someone looks like when they've been drinking, but we don't all know what the signs are when someone is high. It's not unusual for partners and loved ones to turn and say 'I had no idea.'

So as a parent, friend or loved one of an addict, the symptoms of drug addiction may be more difficult for you to pick up if you can't tell when someone has been using. The secret here is to look for noticeable changes in behaviour - becoming distant, withdrawn, having problems at work etc ...

It's also important to understand that you don't have to be a full blown 'junkie' to have a drug habit. I think we sometimes have this perception created by television and the media that you're only an addict if you're living in a dump and shooting up (injecting heroin for example if you don't know what shooting up means:-)

Remember that addiction or dependence isn't about what, or how much you use - the most recognisable symptoms boil down to the effect or impact your using drugs has on your life.

When using drugs begins to effect your relationships, your work life, your emotional state (guilt, moodiness, obsession with your next 'hit') - you know there is a problem. If you're looking for something more scientific though - then try this Diagnostic Drug Addiction Test, which is a very powerful tool in determining the extent of the problem.

As I said when discussing the Alcoholism Signs - it's important that you get REAL and be HONEST with yourself about what's going on. The biggest obstacle in recognising the signs of addiction and admitting that there may be a problem is DENIAL. And Denial is the biggest obstacle in you or someone you love getting clean.

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