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Alcoholism Self Help and Self Help Drug Addiction Tips
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Part I

If you’re wanting to explore alcoholism self help and self help drug addiction options - my advice to you would always be to first seek out professional help and use any self help methods in conjunction with that - or as a second option if you feel that more traditional methods didn’t really give you what you were looking for (remember to always consult your Doctor before deciding on a course of action).

Even though when it comes to health and healing matters, I tend to favour self help and 'alternative' methods - when it comes to dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction, I think going the traditional treatment way to begin with is the way to go.

Because addiction to alcohol and drugs are serious and potentially life threatening illnesses – you can’t really afford to get this wrong.

So I would rather begin by going the more traditional approach and use all the professional help available, rather than going it alone straight off.

I think however there is great value in using alcoholism self help and self help drug addiction methods in your recovery process, i.e. once you’ve already achieved a period of sobriety or clean time by going to rehab and/or 12 step meetings. You’ll just have something to work with – a bit of a foundation if you like, that will make things so much easier.

Now if you haven’t already, I suggest you check out my book Addiction Uncovered, because I go into quite a few self help and alternative options there.

If the self help for alcoholism and addiction way is really going to work for you, I think we quickly need to go back to understanding what alcoholism and addiction actually is.

I believe addiction manifests when we as people are out of sync or out of harmony with our true nature. Whatever the cause - alcoholism or addiction is a manifestation of our disharmony ... and substance abuse becomes the coping mechanism we use to fill the underlying void or emptiness in our lives.

And I believe that the only real way to address that void or emptiness is to go inwards - and develop a relationship and understanding of who we really are ... our essence. And that essence is something much larger than ourselves - what I like to call Spirit.

Now I know if you’re particularly left brained or scientific, spirit can seem a bit wishy-washy and without substance. But we’re dealing with a problem here that isn’t really quantifiable either. The alcoholism and drug addiction is merely a manifestation of a much deeper problem.

That’s why even if an addict stops drinking or taking drugs for a while, other than being sober, nothing much changes for that person because you’re essentially stuck in the same shitty mental, spiritual and emotional state as before, but not drowning that out with drink and drugs. Which more than likely, will inevitably lead you back to using before you know it.

So when using alcoholism self help and self help drug addiction methods, you need to adopt a holistic approach. You need to address all levels of your being – the Spiritual, Mental/Emotional and Physical.

Continue onto Alcoholism Self Help Part II where you'll discover specific self help strategies and tips to overcome addiction ...

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