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Definition of Alcoholism

If you're looking for an Excellent Definition of Alcoholism, this is definitely one of the better one's I've come across ...

Personally, I don't gain much value from definitions because inevitably there will always be contrasting views and opinions on what something is and isn't - so that it can all become a bit confusing.

But if you're a logical, left brained type and think a definition will be helpful, here's one I really like that I read at ...

"Alcoholism is a primary illness or disorder characterised by some loss of control over drinking, with habituation or addiction to the drug alcohol, causing interference in any major life function, e.g. health, family, job, spiritual, friends,legal."

Notice there that it doesn't say anything about how much you drink. So having a drinking problem isn't defined by quantity - but rather loss of control, which ultimately causes problems in other areas of your life, i.e. health, work, relationships etc.

Bottom line is as soon as your drinking begins to effect any areas of your life, you know that there is a problem.

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Go to the Alcoholism Symptoms section if you want to discover whether you or someone you care about is actually an alcoholic. You'll find some excellent diagnostic tests in there as well.

For further understanding of alcoholism, I also suggest you read the Alcoholism Hereditary and Alcoholism and Genetics links. The fact is, having an alcoholic parent makes you 4x more likely to go down that road as well ... so being aware of that pre-disposition can help in making changes before things start falling apart.

The definition I gave you though is a really good one, which will definitely help you recognise it's presence in yourself or someone you care about. Loss of control and dependence (emotional or physical) ... that starts causing interference in any part of your life is ultimately what defines alcoholism, so those are the signs you need to be looking out for.

But remember ... having all the knowledge and understanding of what alcoholism and drug addiction is will only get you so far. It's what you do with that knowledge and understanding that matters. Change and transformation happens in taking action.

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