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What is Alcoholism and What is Drug Addiction Really?
Time to Understand What You're Dealing With

Do you find yourself asking the questions - 'So what is alcoholism actually? What is drug addiction really?' Because if you're trying to gain greater Understanding of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction ... then you've come to the right place!

I'd therefore like to give you my take on what I believe alcoholism and drug addiction are really about. But before I do - I think it's important that you understand the respective definitions of alcoholism and drug addiction to give you an insight into what you're dealing with ...

So the Definition of Alcoholism and Definition of Drug Addiction will provide you with the necessary insight into the nature of addiction.

Of course knowing What Causes Alcoholism and addiction related problems is also crucial in understanding their underlying nature so be sure to read about that.

Having an Introduction of Drug Addiction will provide essential background into what it actually is and clear up a lot of mis-conceptions people have.

There are of course plenty further important related topics I want to talk to you about, for example what is alcohol and how it affects your body and mind ... and those article you'll see down at the bottom of the page - but let me first give you my take on what I believe drug addiction and alcoholism really is ...

What is Alcoholism and Addiction ... a Spiritual Perspective

I have a more "philosophical/spiritual" take on things based on my experiences of when it comes to answering the question of what is alcoholism and what is drug addiction - which I have gained by observing its destruction at work in countless others.

Now you don't have to agree with me - if you don't that's totally okay (I reckon debate should be encouraged, don't you?) ...

I believe that substance abuse or dependency ... call it what you like, is essentially a spiritual 'problem' (for want of a better word). Now I don't mean that in a religious sense at all. It doesn't matter whether you are religious or aren't religious in my view.

Andrew Weil, MD, sums it up perfectly in his book 'Natural Health, Natural Medicine, pg. 135

"Addiction is NOT a psychological or pharmacological problem, and CANNOT be solved by the methods of psychology or pharmacology. It is, at root, a SPIRITUAL concern, because it represents a misdirected attempt to achieve wholeness, to experience inner completeness and satisfaction."

what is alcoholism

I think the reason we're trying to achieve wholeness, inner completeness and satisfaction - is the fact that we live increasingly in a state of dis-ease. Living in a world of instant gratification where everything is geared towards rushing along at breakneck speed - we lose touch with our center and core that provides us with the peace, comfort and strength we need to flourish and find true happiness.

Living 'on edge' most of the time - which induces states of high stress and anxiety - means something has got to give sooner or later. And that dis-ease we experience eventually catches up with us - whether it be as a disease/illness, any form of eating disorder, mental breakdown or naturally addiction, whether it be alcoholism, drug related, gambling etc.

Of course a lot of it stems from our upbringing and ultimately our sense of self-worth. Because let's face it, most of us that have ever developed a problem with alcohol or drugs have self-esteem issues (which are generally formed in early childhood) - and whatever our drug or substance of choice may be, it provides us comfort from that nagging voice in our head constantly reminding us we're not good enough.

So Andrew Weil is absolutely correct in his explanation ... drugs and alcohol help us forget, while at the same time allowing us however briefly to feel okay about ourselves. But until we face our demons and make peace with the person looking back at us in the mirror, flaws and all, we'll never find redemption from our self-inflicted torture.

So on that note, let's take a look at further topics I think are crucial to help you with your understanding of how a dependency is formed on drugs or alcohol ...

These are a couple of pieces that should be read in conjunction with each other. The first one looks at the question of the whole addiction and Alcoholism Hereditary perspective.

And once you've finished reading that, I suggest that you move onto the Alcoholism and Genetics link to look to see how it all ties together.

Chronic Alcoholism and what that is, is a question that pops up often - so you'll get insight into that and discover whether that's particularly important.

Recent research also suggest that there are various Types of Alcoholism - so having knowledge of these will also help in your understanding.

So hopefully now having read all the subjects that cover this page, you'll have a pretty comprehensive insight into what alcoholism and drug addiction actually are - which can lead you onto how to treat and recover from them successfully.

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