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Alcohol Addiction Recovery Help: How To
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"Working A Good Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program
Is The Secret To Long-Term Sobriety"

The essential difference between treatment and recovery in respect of overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs lies in the fact that treatment involves getting professional help to initially get clean or sober, typically rehab - whereas recovery entails what you do to stay drug and alcohol free, which is an ongoing process that you will hopefully never stop working at.

So drug or alcohol addiction recovery is arguably the most important part of the process to ensure lasting change, and that a life of alcoholism or drug addiction is forever left behind. Because it's something you never stop doing.

Whether you do it through a formal program of recovery or create one for yourself, in essence it involves an ongoing commitment to self-improvement and change on a spiritual, mental, emotional and behavioral level.

Overcoming your self-destructive tendencies doesn't just happen - but with honesty, humility and effort, the worst of addictions can be left behind for good - and you'll be amazed at the transformation you (or someone you love) is capable of undergoing.

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But before I give you all the recovery information that you'll need, there is one crucial ingredient I believe that is needed if you (or a loved one) is going to make your recovery a success ...

And this is the missing ingredient in a lot of alcoholics or drug addicts who struggle with their recovery and relapse regularly.

That ingredient is a genuine desire to want to quit drinking or using drugs. There are many people addicted to drugs or alcohol who go through a treatment program like rehab, but their hearts aren't really in it, and they end up relapsing before long.

How do you recognise them? They're simply the one's who aren't doing the work and are not totally committed to their recovery and doing whatever it takes to change.

If you're not committed to changing and turning your life around, doing the work required in recovery to maintain your sobriety will just seem like too much effort. And I'm not going to kid you - there is work involved. Change doesn't just happen.

But if you have that genuine desire, you'll be prepared to do what you need to do to ensure a successful recovery for yourself.

So the articles that follow will give you guidance and advice around what recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction actually entails - so that you can make a fresh start and leave your toxic and self-destructive ways behind for good.

addiction recovery

The Alcoholism Recovery page will give you the Fundamental Rules that you need to follow in your alcoholism and drug addiction recovery process. This is critical stuff so make sure you don't miss it.

Once you've read that, then move onto the Drug Addiction Recovery page where I'll give you additional recovery advice and help, that will really strengthen and deepen your whole recovery process. It contains more information that is absolutely essential.

  • Having the correct Relapse Prevention strategies in place will go a long way to ensuring you stay on the path of recovery. You have to do everything you possibly can to avoid relasping - and the ideas given will help you do that.
  • It's also critical that you read this article on How to Stop Drinking and Taking Drugs because it lays the foundation for what you need to get right if you hope to win the war against your addiction.
  • Quit Drinking complements the how to stop drinking page really well and provides you with loads of practical and easy to implement ideas and tips to leave a life of alcohol behind you for good.
  • This piece on the Recovery from Drug Addiction details what successful recovery entails and what needs to happen if relapsing is never going to become an option.
  • Why do some overcome an addiction and others don't? Successfully Overcoming Drug Addiction requires adopting certain critical mindsets to ensure progress in recovery is made.
  • Then the article on Alcoholism and Vitamins and the ideal vitamin supplements for alcoholism - is an often forgotten part of recovery and will give you a few ideas as to how you can accelerate your detox from remaining alcohol and drug residue in your body - and so start feeling healthier and better faster.
  • Be sure to also take a look at the 12 Step Program information I share with you - because it gives you an interesting perspective on using the 12 steps for your recovery.
  • If you're going to progress and grow in your recovery, I think it's essential you read uplifting and positive books. The Inspirational Books I recommend are a good place to start.

If you have a genuine desire to successfully recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction - then I suggest you take a look at the Addiction Recovery Toolbox area where I tell you about a couple of tools that can help you recover from an addiction faster than anything I've ever seen.

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