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Drug Treatment: Understanding the Role Treatment
Plays in Successfully Recovering from Drug Addiction

Understanding the role that drug treatment plays in successful recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol - is crucial if you ever hope to overcome and find freedom from the deep, dark pit that a drug habit can take you down.

So let’s get one thing straight first and foremost - drug treatment isn’t the end of all your worries and the solution to all your problems. It’s the beginning of the road for you in overcoming your addictions – not the end. And that’s where I think many addicts get it wrong and why relapse rates are so high.

Treatment or Rehab is the place to go to get clean first and foremost. Where you can detox, receive intensive counselling and therapy, learn new habits and ways of thinking that will help you stay clean, and hopefully make a friend or two that you can start your journey on recovery with once you leave.

But it’s what you do once you leave a drug treatment program that really counts. Doing the ongoing work required to stay clean is what will determine your success in recovery. You can’t just leave Rehab and think – ‘that’s it, my work is done!’ It’s not done – in fact it’s only just begun!!

Are you following the recovery program that was suggested to you in treatment, are you going to meetings or a support group regularly, are you staying away from old using friends and hangouts? Doing all that ‘stuff’ consistently and making an effort to grow and develop as a person will in truth determine how successful your treatment program was.

And for a really good resource that will help you find a good drug treatment center hopefully somewhere near you – visit this 12 Step Treatment Center Locator.

The reason I recommend 12 Steps – is because they have the longest proven history that works! You’re following a carefully created (essentially spiritual) program that if followed with care and dedication will ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of recovery.

The reason people fail at 12 step programs is that they don't do the work - i.e. the 12 steps - and then complain that it doesn't work for them. Your success in recovery is directly proprtional to the amount of effort you put in, so it's not the program that has anything wrong with it, it's simply those who relapse just aren't ready to quit and so fail to put in the effort and work required.

That's not to say the 12 steps are the only answer and that it is for everyone. But whatever the program, those that stay clean are the one's that are most committed and determined to do so.

So be sure to also read more about the topic of drug treatment at this piece on Treatment For Drug Addiction - and don't forget to check out the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Area where you'll discover specific information that can help you choose a good rehab program.

Knowing what questions to ask of an Addiction Treatment Center will make sure you find the one that is best for you and ensuring you understand what good A Good Treatment Program involves will help tremendously

And if you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction - or has managed to beat one Go Here to Share Your Story and become part of a community where we all share what we've gone through.


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