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Causes of Teenage Drug Addictions
and Causes of Teenage Alcoholism

So what are the causes of teenage drug addictions and teenage alcoholism? With teenage drug addiction and alcoholism on the rise, what is the fuel that feeds that fire?

I've already expanded on some of what I believe the major causes are on the Main Teenage Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Page. (You might want to read that in case you haven't already)

Otherwise, the causes of adolescent alcoholism and drug addiction are largely the same as they would be for any adult. So as mentioned on the Causes of Alcoholism and Addiction page - genetics, social and emotional factors all play large roles.

Children of alcoholics and drug addicts are four times more likely to become addicts themselves. That ties in largely with the genetic cause.

However I think that plays a massive role in another cause, in that parental influence play another huge role in the cause of teenage alcoholism and cause of teenage drug addiction.

Parents are the major influence in shaping a child's attitudes and behaviours. And having a parent alcoholic or drug addict means that as a parent you're not only not available emotionally and physically to positively influence and shape your child's outlook and behaviours, but they also learn from watching and modelling you.

Coming from a troubled or broken home - with alcoholism and addiction being one of the main causes of that - means a child is far more likely to end up hanging with the 'wrong' crowd (kids from other troubled homes because like attracts like) and engaging in anti-social behaviour, which can lead to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Having said that, as a parent there is only so much that you can do. Because even children from the most loving and supportive families can wind up addicts. Often in those cases, it's a matter of making the wrong friend (s), experimenting with a highly addictive substance like heroin or methamphetamine (speed) - and before you know it, your teenage son or daughter is addicted.

There are just so many variables at play, that as a parent it's impossible to control all of them. Peer pressure, making the wrong friends and what is happening to your child emotionally are things you just can't control.

Providing them with a loving and supportive environment, providing them with a sense of self worth and being there for them, will however go a long way in your child not going the drug using and alcohol abusing route, which can then have them in the throes of addiction.

So hopefully I've helped you with the understanding of what causes teenage drug addiction and alcoholism - but it's more important that you recognise the Signs of Teenage Drug addiction and then ensure your child gets proper Teen Alcoholism or Addiction Treatment help.

Getting to grips with the growing proplem of Prescription Drug Abuse and Over The Counter Drug Abuse - both massively growing problems amongst teenagers is something I also suggest you do.

The growing number of Teenage Drug Abuse cases is something that should be of great concern to governments and families everywhere so use this resource to learn more.

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