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Advertising Rates and Packages

If you’re looking to increase exposure for your alcoholism or drug addiction related treatment or recovery program, you’re definitely at the right place.

The fact is, treatment for addictions has become a very competitive and potentially lucrative arena. And because of that, new treatment centers or programs advertising their services via impressively created websites, are popping up all over the show.

That’s all very well ... but the problem that creates for you ... is how does your website or service get found?

Winning the search engine wars is becoming increasingly difficult, not only because the increased competition is making it harder to get found for highly in demand keywords relating to the treatment and recovery of alcoholism and drug addiction ... but also because Google have also created far more complex algorithms that look at so many different factors, so you simply can’t buy or fool you way to the top of the search engines like you could before.

Sure you’ve got Adwords, but let’s face it, because the treatment of addiction has become such a competitive field, to run an effective advertising campaign will run into the thousands of dollars per month considering the cost per click of the most sought after and in demand key words. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use Adwords, simply that you need to think carefully about how you structure your advertising budget.

So What’s Your Solution?

Consider a sight like ours. We’re not in the treatment program market ... so we provide no competition. What we do however provide ... is information about alcoholism and drug addiction ... but more importantly, lots of it! People looking for advice and help regards alcoholism or drug addiction find our website through the hundreds of content pages we have.

In fact, as at April 2011, because of all the content we have, we were found via almost 15,000 different keywords, which led to almost 100,000 page views for the month, from just over 45,000 visits. What could over 1,500 visits per day, which generate around 100,000 page views/month mean to your business?

And we’re only really getting started. Because the real secret to getting loads of traffic, isn’t necessarily in winning the search engine wars for highly competitive and in demand keywords, which at the best of times can be as volatile as world stockmarkets.

The real secret to lasting and high volumes of traffic lies in the long-tail ... those random chain of keywords users type in that never make it into keyword research tools and that only happen through having lots and lots of content, as we do.

So with all the traffic and page views we generate, it means potential buyers/clients for your business. And not just any kind of traffic either, targeted traffic. Because we provide information to those looking exclusively for info on alcoholism and drug addiction, you know you’re dealing with a captive audience.

Sure a small minority just want info for research purposes, but why do you think the majority of people sitting at their computer are searching for information about alcoholism or drug addiction? Because they themselves – or someone they love – has got a problem, and needs help. And that’s where your services come in ...

Advertising Packages

1) Your Own Web-Page

Found on our Featured Drug and Alcohol Rehabs page, without doubt offers the best value available. One of the unique features of this website is the fact that we have the facility for visitors to create their own pages via telling their stories or asking a question. That same facility can also be used then for you to create your own webpage whereby you can say pretty much what you want, and include a picture, to market your business/program.

Where else can you do that on the web?

This really is an amazing facility because how you position your program/service literally becomes a figure of your imagination. For an example of what your own webpage ad might look like, check out this example here.

The fact that you can also add a link to your website, provide your address and contact details, write as long and detailed a description of your program/service as you like, and include photos ... means that at our introductory offer of $497 for a year (equivalent to barely more than $40 p.m.), this package is an absolute steal.

2) Banner Ad

Banners can be another very effective form of advertising because they get noticed, and if well-designed, get the click.

Here your options are either a Full Banner Ad (468x60) - or Skyscraper Ad (120x600 or 160x600). Costs vary depending on the what page you want the ad to appear, the number of pages and length of time, so please use the e-mail address below to contact us and we'll be happy to try work something out for you in line with your budget.

3) Text Links

Text links are not as obvious as the other options, but their power lies in their subtlety because a well-crafted text-link can still get the click and create valuable exposure for your business, so it’s impact should not be overlooked. The costs here also vary depending on the page(s) you want the link to show, number of links to be advertised, and for how long you want them showing. We tend to offer better discounts for longer deals.

If you're interested in finding out more, or have an alternative suggestion as to how you'd like to work together, please e-mail: cp [at]

We look forward to hearing from you.

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