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Alternative Alcoholism Treatment That Could Change Your Life

What would I recommend as an alternative alcoholism treatment? Do I even think that trying an alternative course of treatment is worth considering?

As I explained on my alcoholism self-help pages, I’m all for exploring alternative treatment methods for alcoholism and drug addiction, but I think there is a massive benefit in trying more traditional options first.

Let me tell you why:

I can best relate this to my own experience and how I felt when I was using and drinking. I remember feeling mostly lonely and isolated. That nobody understood what I was going through, that there wasn’t anyone I could relate to – and that I was just stuck in this horrible self-destructive pit.

And I think why traditional alcoholism and drug addiction treatment methods like Rehab and 12-Step programs like NA and AA worked so well for me initially – was that I suddenly didn’t feel that loneliness and isolation anymore.

I was surrounded by people who had had the exact same experiences as me, by professionals who had dealt with countless other people like me – and so I felt like it was okay to be going through what I was and that it was okay to just be me. I didn’t feel like such a ‘freak’ anymore because that’s honestly how I felt a lot of the time back then.

There is massive power in group settings, where like minds come together - whether it be to address common problems or issues in 12-Step Programs or to do things like reflect and meditate in meditation groups, churches and prayer circles.

I think that’s because in a group you meet people you can relate to and you inevitably end up thinking, ‘shit if that person can do it, so can I’ - and for some reason there is just more power in a group, which probably has something to do with the old dictum that a whole is more than the sum of its parts .

A better analogy is probably the one Jesus used when he said something like when two or more of you pray together, the force or power is basically increased exponentially.

Alternative Alcoholism Treatment and Drug Addiction
Treatment: Applying Ancient Wisdom to Help You

Okay, you arrived at this page looking for alternative alcoholism treatment (and alternative drug addiction) advice and here I am blabbing away about traditional routes.

So let me get back to that because even though I do, as I’ve outlined above, believe greatly in at least starting on a more traditional path, there is huge value in exploring alternative methods.

Because personally, I no longer use any of the more traditional avenues myself either. Things like NA and AA were a great foundation for me to begin with and I used to go to meetings regularly for the first 2 years of my recovery, but then found I needed more/something different and so started looking at other avenues.

I have to add though that I was at that point pretty confident that I could comfortably stay off the drink and drugs without going to meetings etc. so unless you feel the same, I would recommend you look at using alternative methods in conjunction with what you usually do, rather than replace it.

Now I know you might be reading this as someone who doesn’t even want to contemplate the traditional Rehab and 12-Step route. And I can’t force you even if I think it’s a good idea to begin with.

When it comes to looking at alternative alcoholism treatment and addiction treatment options, there are probably a million different things out there you can try. I’m however going to stick with what I know – and what I believe works.

It comes from the premise that I believe addiction is a spiritual problem, a view shared by Andrew Weil, M.D. in his book Natural Health, Natural Medicine, where he says: alternative alcoholism treatment

“Addiction is NOT a psychological or pharmacological problem ... It is, at root, a SPIRITUAL concern, because it represents a misdirected attempt to achieve wholeness, to experience inner completeness and satisfaction.”

This also ties in with how dysfunctional brain chemistry is an important factor in continued substance abuse and addiction. Dr. Peter Powis, Psychological and Services Director at world class treatment facility Stepping Stones, wrote in an article a couple of years ago:

“Essentially, what happens is that the pleasure pathways of the brain which lie on the midbrain are or become deregulated ... which governs our ability to make rational decisions, postpone gratification, and plan for the future.

... similar patterns of brain dysfunction seem to operate on both addiction and trauma ... I then started reading about some of the most recent scientific studies on the effects of certain forms of meditation on the brain, and found the implications extremely exciting.

This research suggests that mindfulness meditation, which has been around since the time of the Buddha, as well as other practices, which develop the capacity for compassion, have the effect of reversing the very imbalances which operate in addiction ...”

So ... meditation is not such a far out alternative alcoholism treatment option after all?

And for me and based on my own experience – there is no more powerful method in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction than meditation. It addresses the problem Andrew Weil referred to when he described addiction as a ‘spiritual concern’ because meditation helps you develop a spiritual awareness and connection that addresses the emptiness and lack of wholeness he speaks of.

And meditation corrects all those chemical imbalances in your brain that Dr. Peter Powis was referring to. Not forgetting the fact that you feel more centred, calm, peaceful, happy and in control of your life - so why don’t more people meditate and experience its tremendous benefits?

I think the biggest stumbling block today is the fact that it seems too hard - and to get your mind to a point of stillness so that you really enjoy the above benefits seems like just too much work to many.

Alternative Addiction Treatment and Alternative Alcoholism
Treatment: A Tool that Could Change your Life

I’ve been meditating for around 5 years now – but for the past year I’ve really struggled to just ‘sit’ as they say in meditation circles. A major reason has been the fact that my wife and I have relocated and now live in another country, which has just made the last year or so really unsettling.

Recently however I’ve stumbled across a tool that takes the feeling of ‘difficult’ and ‘hard’ out of the equation when it comes to meditating. All you do is listen to a CD that uses amazing technology to get your mind into a meditative state – without you in effect having to do anything other than sit there.

Now I looked at a few different types of these tools, but the one I decided on in the end, was well and truly better than anything else on offer. Firstly the integrity of the person/company that designed it stands out for me, the service and follow up they provide is world class – and they have a couple of famous people that endorse it, which to me just spells quality.

So as an alternative alcoholism treatment tool, I’m not sure I’ve yet come across anything that can touch it. Check out this powerful tool by clicking on the link. You can also order a free demo CD to try first, which will help make the process of deciding if this is something you want to try easier.

At the end of the day – when it comes to exploring alternative alcoholism treatment tool and methods, you have to find what works for you. I can promise you – I’ve tried loads of things. It just happens I’ve at last found what works for me.

Remember - despite what you may have read or heard - there is no quick fix to addiction. So even when trying alternative alcoholism treatment methods, you have to give whetever you try, time and patience.

So once you've checked out the amazing alternative alcoholism treatment tool I mention above, take a look about what I have to say about the likelihood of an alcoholism cure ever being found and the specific addiction and alcoholism self help ideas I provide.

Knowing your treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism options available to you is also important to ensure you ultimately do what is best for you. Using the alcoholism herbal treatments available will also supplement your alternative approach.

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