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The Link Between Alcoholism and Genetics

The link between alcoholism and genetics is an area that has long been researched, debated and argued. However with recent advances in medical science, the link between genetics and alcoholism can no longer really be disputed.

There are a few articles on the matter that I think are well worth reading that should put the matter at rest for you, if indeed it was ever really a massive concern for you.

1.) Genetics of Alcoholism

2.) Medical Article on the Genetics of Addiction

Has a paragraph that I think particularly sums up the problem.

“Previous evidence indicates that genes play a major role in liability to addictions, including alcoholism," said Riley ...

"Yet genes are certainly not sufficient to produce disease by themselves. The individual must be exposed to alcohol, which, in common with any chemical encountered in the world, is explicitly environmental. When you consider that addictions also involve that incredibly complex and unpredictable thing that is human behavior, then the real complexity of the problem is clear.”

Yet even with genetics having a massive influence in the cause of alcoholism and addiction – it only tells part of the tale. Environmental and Social factors play huge roles as well. So when people start talking about cures for alcoholism and drug addiction, it’s virtually impossible to achieve because there are so many other complex uncontrollable factors at play.

So unless you’re particularly interested in the scientific side of things or are doing particular research on the subject, I think the alcoholism and genetic link shouldn’t let you get sidetracked from the root of the problem and what to do about it.

Yes genetics is an important Cause of Alcoholism and addiction, but I still maintain that alcoholism and drug addiction is at root a spiritual problem, which I expand on when discussing What is Alcoholism.

So to effectively treat and recover from any addiction successfully requires a broad-minded and holistic approach because there is no quick fix.

I would certainly also suggest that you consider the drug and Alcoholism Hereditary explanation and why people are trying to increasingly understand the concept of Chronic Alcoholism.

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