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Alcoholism Symptoms: Recognising The Signs and
Symptoms of Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

"Looking to Discover what the Alcoholism Symptoms and Signs of Drug Addiction are? Then spending time exploring the pages in this section will help you get a handle on that ..."

Recognising the Signs of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in yourself or someone you care about are crucial - because it's the critical preceding step to getting proper help in the form of treatment.
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And there are a number of articles that follow that will provide you with detailed signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction, to use in assisting yourself or someone you care about identify whether there is a problem.

But there are two broad criteria that are used to identify alcoholism and drug addiction, from which everything else follows. i) Dependence and ii) Loss of Control.

Dependence refers to becoming emotionally and/or physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. Sometimes they go together, but not necessarily always because not all substances result in physical dependence. So even if drugs or alcohol only satisfy an emotional need, dependence can be assumed.

Loss of control means not being able to control intake once you start drinking or using. An alcoholic for example can't just have a drink or two and then stop. Once they start, there is only one outcome ...

So addiction isn't necessarily about how much or how often. Many binge drinkers and drug users can be regarded as alcoholics and drug addicts. That's why you should keep reading to get a more in-depth understanding from the articles that follow.

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signs of alcoholism

The Alcoholism Physical Symptoms reveal the physical impact of consistent alcohol abuse on your physical well-being and gives some frightening examples of the physical symptoms experienced by an alcoholic.

The Signs of Alcoholism then provides you with a detailed list of all the indicators to look out for to help you determine whether you or a loved one has a genuine problem with alcohol and could be regarded as alcoholic. Show three of these and you know there's a definite problem. Works for identifying drug addiction as well.

  • Then the Drug Addiction Signs expands on what is said with regards to the signs of alcoholism and provides some additional insights
  • You however may prefer a diagnostic screening test or questionnaire - so this Alcoholism Test is definitely something you should do - because it provides you with a pretty clear and accurate picture as to whether you or a loved one are indeed alcoholic.
  • If you're interested in discovering Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism then here you'll find an interesting list that provides you with 10 signs in decreasing order of severity.
  • Knowing what the Early Signs of Alcoholism are can help you catch the problem early and so make the treatment and recovery process a lot easier.
  • There is a slight difference between Alcohol Abuse Symptoms and full-blown alcoholism - so knowing what the symptoms of alcohol abuse are can be helpful in catching the problem before alcohol abuse turns into alcoholism.
  • Problem drinking or alcohol abuse can often lead to a serious Drinking Problem so understanding how and why a drinking problem develops, and what you should do about it, is critical.
  • Hopefully I've provided you with pretty much every test and sign to look out for, but if you break it down there are petty much four major Symptoms of Alcoholism to look out for in yourself or a loved one.

Apart from doing what is necessary and recommended from an effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery program such as Narconon Drug Rehab - there are a couple of tools I have discovered that are extremely effective in helping overcome and recover from addiction faster than anything I have seen. For more on those check out your Addiction Recovery Toolbox.

At the end of the day, I believe that deep down you will know whether there is a problem. Hopefully though by knowing what the alcoholism symptoms and signs of drug addiction are - you will simply be able to confirm what you already know and can then use your knowledge to begin doing something about it.


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