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This page, which has various articles on alcoholism and some drug addiction articles, is a resource where I'll look to add regular pieces that you can come back and refer to. I'm going to start off with a bunch of articles I've written over the years and have had published on various websites.

Some of them are probably a bit more 'out there', but I do believe it's important that we learn to expand our thinking and explore all avenues when it comes facing our problems like addiction.

As Featured On Ezine Articles You might ask what are my credentials for writing aritcles on alcoholism and various drug addiction articles? You might be interested to know that I have Expert Author Status at a very prominent online publishing website, Ezine Articles.

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The first article will help you recognise alcoholism and drug addiction in yourself or a loved one so that you'll be able to identify the signs of addiction.

How to find freedom from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is a more spiritual and holistic take on overcoming addiction so if that appeals to you, you'll definitely enjoy this article.

This article gets back to basics - Three Addiction 101 Principles that need to be applied if you hope to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction ...

Don't you just wish there were a magic pill that would solve your addiction and dependency issues? Here I talk about the Magic Pill Phenomenon and how that impacts our thoughts processes when facing challenges and obstacles like addiction.

This article on alcoholism and addiction deals with the usual signs and symptoms but provides an extra interesting take on what addiction actually is by Andrew Weil, MD.

If you have someone you care about who suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction, then this piece will give you a few pointers on what to do and how to handle them.

And this alcoholism and drug addiction article discusses how applying ancient wisdom helps in the addiction recovery process.

This is a recent article I've had written - How to Stop Drinking abd Taking Drugs - which goes into the Psychology of what you need to do if you hope to achieve a life of sobriety.

I've also had articles published on a very promient Recovery Center's Blog - Mark Houston Recovery - which has been featured on Dr.Phil. The articles on alcoholism and addiction discuss The Importance of Getting Treatment.

So as far as articles on alcoholism and drug addiction articles go, hopefully I've provided you with a nice mix to begin with I will be back to add more, but this should be enough to help you get started in the meantime.

In case you haven't yet - you should also check out my book called Addiction Uncovered. It provides loads of insights and information for dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction.

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