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Are you looking for addiction and drug abuse help resources that can really make a genuine difference to your life? If you are – I think I may have discovered a couple of resources and tools that can help you.

These resources also have some serious credibility - both the tools I recommend were in fact created by experts featured in the movie, "The Secret."

So on this page I'll talk to you a bit about my approach and background when it comes to dealing with a difficulty like addiction - and then towards the bottom of the page I'll give you the links where you can read more about these remarkable tools.

The bottom line is - whether you’re already deep down in the dark pit of addiction, or find yourself starting to slip off the edge, I really do believe that these are resources that can totally turn your life around.

If there is one tip though that I can give you when looking for addiction or drug abuse help – is that you have a genuine desire to do whatever it takes to get yourself clean. Because whatever you do is going to require a level of commitment and dedication that comes from a place deep inside you.

Getting and staying clean is going to take work – and that’s where that inner resolve to keep going is going to pull you through doing the things you need to do - even when you don’t feel like it or when things feel like they are going against you.

So first let me tell you where I’m coming from and why I believe this approach will help you ...

Addiction and Drug Abuse Help: A Way of Thinking that will Help You

I was a mess – much you like probably are now. I got to such a bad place mentally, emotionally and spiritually, that I just couldn’t go any lower. I literally felt like I was ready to die. Know the feeling? But for some reason there was a little voice inside of me saying that there has to be more to life than this ...

So despite my struggles with alcohol and drugs, I started searching for information that could help me turn my life around. And that led me to becoming an avid reader and ‘seeker of information.’ The first significant book I can remember reading about me being able to change my life was the Power of Positive Thinking.

At that point I knew nothing about being able to master your thoughts and change your thinking so this was a totally new and revolutionary concept for me.

Now I’d love to tell you that after reading that book my life was totally transformed and I was healed of all my troubles – but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way. But you know what – it gave me a glimpse – and more importantly hope – that life could be different for me.

sunset addiction And so I became a sponge for new information and committed myself to a life of personal growth and self improvement. And if there is one piece of advice, more than anything, that I can leave with you if you’re looking for addiction or drug abuse help, or simply want to improve your life – commit yourself now to a life of personal development and growth.

I was still a long way off from overcoming my addictions, but the seeds had been planted and with every book I read and with every personal growth tool and exercise I tried, I took a step closer to being the person I wanted to be - and leaving the life of alcoholism and drug addiction behind me.

I need to warn you of something though – the personal growth industry is an industry worth billions of dollars that sells you on how you can transform your life and make amazing changes to your life – often in 30 days or less. Know what I mean with those ads and promises you constantly see and read about?

Honestly, it doesn’t work that way. Much of what you read or try will feel like a waste of time, but don’t let that discourage you. Instead of looking for that quick fix, look or listen out for that line, paragraph or chapter that resonates with you. And so keep going – and when you then look back on your life a year or two from now you’ll be going, ‘Wow – but I have come a long way.’

Anyway, back to my story - Having committed to a life of self improvement is what eventually gave me the courage to seek professional addiction and alcohol/drug abuse help because I became so determined to turn my life around ... and knew that my life could be totally different to the miserable mess it was.

And you know what? It was the best decision I ever made because I haven’t looked back since. I honestly can’t recognise the person I used to be. I’m like – was that really me? Now don’t get me wrong – my life is far from perfect. I still feel shit often, have my down days where I doubt myself and think I’m totally useless, and get irritated beyond belief with all sorts of things – but no matter how bad I feel, picking up or using is just not an option for me anymore.

It really has become a non-event for me. I’m still always vigilant and make sure I’m careful, but I just don’t think about using or drinking anymore.

I think the main reason for that is that I’m so far down the road in my thinking and belief that there is so much more to life to see, become and accomplish – that why would I ruin it all by going back to using drugs or alcohol? When you become so dedicated to something – like changing and improving your life – eventually something that used to totally consume you, like your struggle with alcohol or drugs, no longer does. To get to that point simply takes time, patience and persistence.

Anyway, sorry for babbling on ... I just wanted to give you some insight into my thinking. So back to my intention of providing you with some really powerful addiction and drug abuse help recommendations ...

Remember this is coming from someone who has tried and tested, read and researched - hundreds if not thousands of different resources, tools and books. If there is a new book to be read or something new to try, you can bet I’ll usually be giving it a go. I guess it’s the addict in me always striving for something new or better that I think can help my development and growth. Like I have already said though, having learned this the hard way – there is no quick fix. You really need to commit to whatever you do and have the patience to see meaningful changes and results.

Often you’ll think nothing much is happening – but then when you look back on your life 6 months or a year later, you’ll realise, ‘Wow – but I have come a long way.’

Addiction and Drug Abuse Help: Two Resources that Could Change Your Life

So the first addiction and drug abuse help resource I’m recommending is a tool that can totally transform your life on all the most important levels that need to be addressed in your quest to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. It will help you spiritually, mentally and emotionally – so if there is one resource out there that I think you should use – this is it!

I genuinely believe it is the most powerful transformational resource out there today. So if you use this consistently I don’t think there is anything else you need to use because with persistence, time and patience, you will totally turn your life around. Click on the link to discover more about this incredibly powerful resource

Now if you want to accelerate your recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, this addiction and drug abuse help tool, helps you master your emotions. As I said above, the first tool I recommend is all-encompassing and will help you change on all significant levels so you don’t need to be using anything else.

But the reason I’ve recommended this resource is that it will help accelerate your transformation – and it is still a great tool in its own right. Learning to master your emotions will go a long way to helping you turn your life around because if you’re in a good space emotionally, do you really think you’re going to want to use or have a drink? Click on the link to discover what its about and how you can learn to master your emotions

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