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An Alcoholism Cure to Beat
your Addiction - Does it Exist?

Don't we all wish for an alcoholism cure that by popping a pill or having some kind of operation will cure us from our alcoholism for good.

Whoever invents that cure for alcoholism will become an extremely rich man or woman. Do I ever see it happening though? To be honest - No!

And the reason I say that is because alcoholism or drug addiction isn't like other illnesses that can be isolated in your body.

With almost all diseases and illnesses like cancer for example you can isolate the infected cells and areas in your body and then treat accordingly with the best method available.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are different. Yes, Scientists are now able to identify an addictive gene in our bodies which explains why most experts on addiction today say that the major cause of alcohol and drug addiction is the alcoholism genetic link, i.e. it's hereditary.

But that only explains part of the cause (what about those that become alcoholics where there is no family history?). Social, personality and psychological factors play a massive role as well. Alcoholism or drug addiction is an all encompassing illness that effects you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Because addiction isn't something that can be isolated in your body like other illnesses - you can't go for a scan or have some kind of test done and have a Doctor tell you - "there it is in your body ... we need to operate, or you need to take this ..."

I've heard addiction described as an extremely cunning disease. It's almost like it's there ...(you can see what it does and how it effects you) but at the same time it isn't there. Like an invisible intruder always lurking in the shadows. That's why people in AA and NA like to say that addiction can be arrested but never cured.

Now I know Science makes advances at a massive rate - but how will they ever find a cure for something that is so complex and has so many different causes and variables that effect it

So when it comes to curing alcoholism, maybe in time it will eventually happen. I guess you can never say never ...

The closest thing I have however seen to a cure is a resource I talk about in the Addiction Recovery Toolbox area that has the ability to reverse the imbalances in your brain that actually cause addiction.

I wouldn't just rely on a tool as a potential addiction and alcoholism cure though. Knowing your treatment for drug and alcohol addiction options and following a good drug and alcohol addiction recovery program will make all the difference in beating alcoholism or drug addiction for good.

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