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How to Find a good Drug Rehab Program

Finding a good drug rehab program is critical in you not only coming clean - but more importantly staying clean once you leave a drug rehab center.

Because you have to remember that your time spent in a drug rehab is fairly short - anything between 3 - 6 weeks typically.

So there's obviously a lot that you'll do and learn while you're at rehab ...

But the crux for me isn't so much what they do during rehab - because if they're half decent, and with you in a safe and secure environment, you'll be clean by the time you leave ...

The crux for me is what they do to prepare you for a life outside their walls because that's where your recovery really begins.

It's all very well being clean for a period of around 4 weeks by the time you've left your treatment center, but what then?

So a good drug abuse treatment center will spend a lot of time in preparing you for integration into the 'outside' world once you leave.

What the heck do I mean by that?

They'll have you attending support groups like NA while you're there already - so that you've already developed the habit for doing so by the time you leave.

So as far as I'm concerned a good rehab program will have a 12 Step Recovery Program at its core - because a 12 Step Recovery Program prepares you and gives you the steps to follow once you leave rehab.

It's all very good and well being sent off to some remote location for months where you do hard labour and get lots of exercise and fresh air (yes I've heard about drug rehab centers that do that) - but what then? What happens when your time there is over?

A good rehab center is merely preparation for the next step - reintegration into the world without having to use drugs or alcohol, which is best achieved by following a 12 Step Recovery Program.

I know that there are lots of rehab centers out there that don't have 12 Step Recovery Programs at their core, and I'm sure many do a great job in helping you come clean.

But what then? Because the work only really begins once you begin your recovery outside of rehab - and that's where most addicts struggle.

So once you've finished reading about drug rehab programs and alcoholism treatment centers, move onto drug treatment center page.

Remember a drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program is only the first step. The second and bigger step, i.e. your recovery, is the most important part, but by getting this part right your recovery process will be far easier.

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