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The Devastating Effects of Alcoholism and Addiction

The effects of alcoholism and addiction are far reaching and all encompassing, that leave a trail of total destruction in their wake. That may sound dramatic, but I assure you it’s not. Because they can eventually destroy everything that’s important to you – your physical health, family and relationships, mental and emotional health, and of course your spiritual well-being.

Thousands upon thousands of people die each year either directly from their addiction or related diseases caused by their addiction like a range of cancers, heart disease, and the like. So if you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs – or someone you care about is – realise that you can’t do something soon enough because the consequences are potentially just too horrific to contemplate.

So this section is all about taking you in more depth into the various effects of alcoholism and substance abuse so you can really get a grasp of what you’re dealing with and why the sooner something is done, the better.

  • We’ll begin then by looking at the Alcoholism Effects on the Family because it isn’t a disease you suffer in isolation – your family are massive effected as well, which is why it’s often described as a family illness.
  • Then we’ll look at the Physical Effects of Alcoholism which basically talks about the effects drinking continuously has on your body/ physical health, and the various diseases like cancer, heart disease and others that can be attributed to a life of abusing alcohol.
  • The Side Effects of Alcoholism goes into the mental, physical, spiritual and overall effect that living the life of an alcoholic has and the damage that it can cause. So make sure you also read that before moving on to another area.
  • People also often forget about the Effects of Alcoholism on Children and the lasting and permanent damage that can cause to a child brought up in an environment where the consistent abuse of alcohol is prevalent. I know - I was one of those kids!
  • The Effects of Drug Addiction has literally reached epidemic proportions that destroys countless lives, families and communities, and unless we've been directly affected we don't give the effects of addiction enough thought or attention. This article aims to change that.

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Alcoholism and addiction know no boundaries and everyone is potentially affected no matter your beliefs, colour, religion, social or economic status.

Everything starts with awareness and education, so the more we do to remove the misconceptions and negative stigma attached to people who develop a problem with alcohol or drugs, the more those addicted will be motivated to seek help and put an end to a life of destruction once and for all.

With that, please spend plenty of time in the Alcoholism Treatment and Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery sections of this site to learn what to do if you or a loved one suffers from these devastating illnesses.


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