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Before deciding what the best treatment for drug addiction is, make sure you read the alcoholism treatments page because most of what holds true for treating alcoholism, holds true for the treatment of drug addiction.

I did say when looking to treat alcoholism that one of your treatment options would be to find a good out-patient treatment program - even though I would always recommend an in-patient drug rehab program be your first choice.

When it comes to drug addiction treatment however - I would say that finding a good in-patient treatment program should always be your priority.

Even though the effects of long-term alcohol abuse are extremely damaging, with drug use those effects are amplified and the cycle of addiction from use - to abuse - to addiction is generally shortened.

So the time involved for you to cause irreparable damage to yourself from addiction to drugs - which can at worst result in death - is likely to happen far quicker with drugs than alcohol.

Plus the danger of overdose is a real threat when you use drugs - so I believe with the treatment of drug addiction, you should definitely try and get into a Rehab facility - because if you've got an addiction to drugs, you're often just about playing a game of Russian Roulette with yourself. So knowing your drug and alcohol rehab options is crucial.

Having said that, I know of people who have been in lengthy recovery from Heroin Addiction, who have come clean without going to Rehab - and have done it by finding a support group like NA and going to meetings regularly ...

Until you've gone to meetings regularly, you won't understand the power of going to regular meetings. I don't want to go into too much info here about what you need to do in recovery to stay off the drugs once you come clean (check out the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Section for that).

The bottom line when it comes to treatment for drug addiction, cocaine addiction treatment or treatment for any kind of substance abuse, is to get you off the drugs for an initial 30-60 day period.

And going to a Rehab or drug treatment center is the most effective way for doing that because you have professionals there to help you through the your initial detox period - and to provide you with the support, tools and counselling you need to help you make as smooth a transition as possible when you begin on your road to recovery away from professional treatment.

I went to Rehab - and I wouldn't know half of what I know now nor would I have learned half of things I have since being in Rehab, if I hadn't gone down that road. I was at rock bottom and desperate for a way out ...

Rehab gave me the hope that things didn't have to be the way they were for me and gave me the motivation to make a real go of my life - so six and a half years later, I am now writing this to give you the same message.

Has it all been easy since? Definitely not! It's been hard work and a real struggle at times, but its a journey that's been well worth it. And as a treatment for drug addiction, rehab started me on my road to recovery - and it can do the same for you ...

So arm yourself with the knowledge of what to ask an addiction treatment facility - and go out there and find the treatment for drug addiction center that is best for you.

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