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Addiction Recovery Resources: Time to Make Changes!

These are our top picks when it comes to addiction recovery resources. Whether it's you struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction - or someone you love is - our recommended resources can start you on the journey to healing, recovery, health and happiness.

If you're serious and ready to make changes with your life, then these resources can most definitely help you. And they all get to the heart of the matter, and deal with matters at the deepest and most fundamental levels.

I'm sure you've heard the definition of insanity - 'Doing the same things over and over expecting a different result.'

So if you've been struggling with an addiction for a while, or someone you care about has, and nothing you've really tried up until now has worked - perhaps its time to consider a fresh approach?

We've carefully selected these resources because we believe they can really make a difference. But unfortunately change doesn't happen by itself. You're going to have to take action at some point. Remember, knowledge only becomes power in the doing.

These resources range from E-books to CD's to DVD's and offer something for everyone. They're all excellent so take your time to look through them all and go with whatever resonates best with you right now.

Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict

book on addiction If you're married to, or in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict, this is a book that will provide you with the most critical answers you need on how to handle things.

The pain, frustration, fear ... and all the other feelings that form part of the emotional roller-coaster that are part of being in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict are immense.

You've probably tried everything you can up until now to help - or somehow get the person you love to change. Yet nothing has changed. So what now?

Help Me! I'm In Love With an Addict: How to Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict will teach you not only how best to help the addicted person you care about, but will just as importantly show you how to get your own life back on track, so you don't lose yourself through so much of the negativity that forms part of your relationship.

Being in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict is probably one of the most difficult things imaginable to have to deal with - something no one can prepare you for. So if you've had enough and are looking for answers, Click Here To Discover More. For only $19.99 you'll have all the answers you need at your fingertips.

Help! My Child IS An Addict

for parents of addicted children Does your son or daughter have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Are you at a loss as to what else you can do? No matter how old your child (young or grown adult), Help! My Child Is An Addict will give you the cold, hard truth as to what you need to do if you're serious about helping your child.

Dealing with a child addicted to drugs or alcohol is probably every parents worst nightmare. The anxiety, frustration, worry and all the other feelings it creates puts you on an emotional roller-coaster.

And chances are the way you've gone about trying to handle things have up until now not worked very well, because often your instincts as to what you should do, actually just cause further damage and further entrap your child in the insanity of their addiction.

So if you're serious about learning how best to help your child then Take A Look Here to discover how Help! My Child Is An Addict can give you the answers you've been searching for. Considering the thousands of Dollars your son or daughter's addiction has no doubt cost you in one way or another to date, $19.99 is all it's going to set you back.

Addiction Uncovered

book on alcoholism

If you're personally struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, Addiction Uncovered will provide you with the tools and information you need to overcome them.

Unfortunately stuggling with an addiction carries a certain negative stigma, and so many people fail to ask for help or address their problem out of shame, guilt and fear of being 'exposed.'

A large part of that is due to the fact that alcoholism and drug addiction are still largely misunderstood, so Addiction Uncovered will empower you with the facts around addiction - and tell you exactly what you need to do to beat them successfully.

With effort and honesty, anyone can overcome an addiction, no matter how bad. So chances are if you're reading this, you're ready for change, and want to make a fresh start. For $19.99 Addiction Uncovered can show you how.

Remember change doesn't happen by itself. It does take effort and commitment. But if you're willing to put in the work and are sincere about turning your life around, this book can help you. Click Here to discover more ...


personal development tool Holosync is without question the most powerful personal development and transformational tool we have come across.

And it can help on numerous levels - from reducing stress and anxiety, to reversing the imbalances in your brain that cause addiction, learning to develop healthier relationships, and ultimately helping you develop an increased sense of mental, emotional and physical well-being.

So it really is for anyone committed to personal transformation and wanting to make major changes with their lives.

The tool itself is designed to take you into deep meditative states where the most amazing healing and change occurs. This is where destructive emotional and behavioural patterns are released ... and you begin to undergo this incredible metamorphosis into a happier, more peaceful, loving and self-assured human-being.

It's certainly no magic cure or quick-fix, and does take a substantial daily time investment if you hope to reap the real benefits from this program, but given time you'll be astounded at the results.

It does also carry quite a hefty price tag ($179), but if you're serious about changing, you should certainly try and give Holosync a chance, because it can certainly help you make that quantum leap from where your life is now ... to where you want it to be. Click Here to find out for yourself.

Addiction Free Forever Program

faith based program

The Addiction Free Forever Program is a faith based, home/self-study recovery program that uses the Bible as its primary inspiration for helping people overcome alcoholism or drug addiction.

It's based on the premise that you can't expect someone with an addiction to say "no" to alcohol or drugs unless you give them something better to say yes to ...

Many people have had lots of positive things to say about this program so if you're a person of faith, and find comfort through religion, this program could help you leave a life of addiction to alcohol or drugs behind forever.

There are a couple of purchase options, entry level is $29.95, and the deluxe version $97. To find out more Click Here!

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

The Tapping Solution

EFT (Tapping), which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, is one of the fastest growing and easy to use methods to help people overcome emotional blocks and trauma, and deal with physical pain. In fact, you can literally use it in any area of your life that you're struggling with.

So it's a great tool to use to address those emotional blocks that lead you to engage in self-destructive behavior that cause addiction - and it can help you deal with the trauma/difficulty of for example being in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict. Basically if there is any area of your life that needs healing, EFT can help you address that.

The beauty of it all is in its simplicity. It really is a simple and easy method to use. And like with Holosync, it's also endorsed by many prominent and well known names in the personal growth and self development industry.

This program also has a few different options, a documentary style DVD which explains tapping and follows 10 people who have dealt with and overcome various ailments using EFT, which starts at $29.95 ... up to the Ultimate Combo pack which also includes books etc. for $71.90

So click above to watch the trailer, or Click Here to go to the website to discover more.

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