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The Devastating Effects of Alcoholism on Children

As the child of an alcoholic, I know that the effects of alcoholism on children is severe.

Remember that children are extremely susceptible and watch and pick up on what you're doing all the time. This can lead to emotional, behavioural and mental scars.

The Priory, a leading UK Health Care Provider conducted research in 2006, that showed children of alcoholics to be four times more likely to become addicted to alcohol and drugs.

I can also totally agree with them saying that a child's early life is characterised by chaos, confusion, trauma, shame, and often abuse.

Their research also showed that 55% of domestic violence occurs in alcoholic homes, which is something a child carries with forever and can often lead to them repeating that behaviour as adults (in the case of men) or attracting abusive relationships (in the case of women).

Luckily there was never any abuse or physical violence in our house, but the mental and emotional scars stay with you forever.

Trust and intimacy are huge issues when forming relationships and this is something I struggle with particularly.

You've got to remember that as an alcoholic or drug addict, you're not damaging only yourself, but those around you are effected hugely as well, especially children.

So understanding how codependency and being a codependent to an alcoholic or addict effects a relationship, the alcoholism and marriage link and being married to or in a relationship with an alcoholic, and knowing what a successful addiction or alcoholism intervention entails, will help you do the right thing for you and your children.

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