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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment - The
Most Effective Way to Achieve Sobriety

Let's talk about drug and alcohol rehab now - and hopefully we can give you some advice around this that will be helpful.

If you've read the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Section (and if you haven't yet make that a priority) - you'll know that creating a life of sobriety for yourself comes essentially in two parts ... drug rehab

i) The Getting Clean - and this is where going to a Drug and Alcohol Rehab facility such as
Narconon Rehab comes into it because doing that will help you get clean/sober initially.

ii) The Staying Clean/Sober (i.e. Recovery) - this is basically the post treatment or post rehab stage where you have to work at maintaining your new found sobriety post drugs and alcohol. (For more on that go to the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery section)

So this section is all about helping you find a good drug rehab or alcohol rehab that's going to do the best possible job in helping you achieve sobriety and make a new start. Now we know you (or someone you care about) probably isn't going to jump at the idea of going to rehab.

That's why we've prepared a list of a few of the most common objections to getting professional help - and the best way to handle those.

Three of the MOST COMMON OBJECTIONS of going to a drug and alcohol rehab center are the following. They're used all the time - but for anyone serious about turning their life around, shouldn't be stumbling blocks.

Reason One: I don't need to go because I'm not that bad - I don't have a problem

Reason Two: I can't afford it

Reason Three: Don't worry, I'll stop by myself ... I promise!

Sound familiar? Let's look at each of those individually and how you need to be looking at the challenges you're faced with to ensure you or the person you love gets the help they need.

I'm not that bad, I don't drink or use that much (i.e. I don't really have a problem). Bottom line is - DENIAL is the biggest obstacle in overcoming addiction. We've all been there. For some it just takes quicker to break through than with others. Our suggestion to you is - Go Anyway.

Many of us seem to have an image in our heads where we think only the worst of the worst go to drug and alcohol rehab centers. That's not true. There will inevitably be someone just like you there.

Whether you're young or old, think you're as bad as it gets or not that bad at all - you'll meet someone there who's story you'll be able to relate to.

Addiction crosses all social, racial, cultural and economic boundaries so going through an in-patient rehab program, will help you realise you're not alone.

And if it's a person you care about telling you this, you may need to perform an Intervention on them to try and break through their denial, so that they get the help they desperately need.

Don't let money stop you from getting help either, because rehab centers and programs come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, you'll have your exclusive and very expensive ones aimed at the rich and famous, but just because you read about how expensive they are, don't let that discourage you.

You get very good rehab facilities that are affordable for most 'working, normal' people. There are also government-backed treatment centers, which are fully or partly subsidised to cater for everyone, even if you don't have a lot of money. Rehabs are a bit like hotels - they range from the expensive and upmarket, to the basic more modest.

So you'll need to do some research. Phone your local council, find an Addictions Counsellor who works in your area and they'll be able to tell you about the different rehab programs available in your area and how to get something that fits into your budget.

In fact here's an excellent Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator by the US Department of Health and Services that will help you search for a program without money or lack of insurance having to be an obstacle to getting help.

And the last excuse "I'll stop by myself" is something you've either told yourself a hundred times before or had it told to you countless times already by the addict in your life.

Yes, you may even stop for a period. A week, two or three ... but soon enough you'll be back to the alcohol or drugs.

Problem is you haven't learned the skills and gained the knowledge that you need to prevent you from relapsing. You learn so much while you're at Rehab, which gives you the best possible chance of recovery once you leave. Going it alone is so difficult (and in some cases near impossible) so don't kid yourself into thinking that's how you're going to do it.

So do your best to find a drug and alcohol rehab program to help you come clean. It may not be the only way, but it certainly is one of the best and quickest - because it equips you with the tools and knowledge to maintain a life of sobriety.

Again, if this is something you keep hearing from a loved one, going the Intervention Route may be your only option. You can only accept their excuses for so long, at some point you're going to have to draw a line in the sand and say 'enough is enough.'

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Here is a further list of resources that will help you find a good treatment program and rehabilitation facility, many of which include government subsidized options if funding is an issue:

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