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Crucial Advice on How to Stop Drinking and Taking Drugs

If there is one critical piece of advice on how to stop drinking and taking drugs - one piece of advice I can give you, it's this:

If youÂ’re looking for a genuine solution to alcoholism or drug addiction and really want to stop drinking and using, ultimately the only person that can make it happen is YOU.

Sounds like I'm stating the obvious - but if there is one factor that prevents people successfully overcoming a problem with alcohol or drugs, it's their denial as to the nature and extent of the problem.

"It's not that bad ... it's not my fault ... if this ... but that ... because ..."

I know, I was one of the biggest advocates from the Book of 101 Excuses ...

I know that circumstances ... life ... and all sorts of factors may have played a part in where you are now, but you've got to put all that behind you, draw a line in the sand and tell yourself that you're going to take full responsibility for overcoming your addictions.

Because until you take TOTAL OWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY for your alcoholism or drug addiction, no one can help you.

There is a Chinese Proverb that says, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.'

And when you make the decision that it's up to YOU to turn your life around, circumstances and people will start coming into your life to support you doing that ... the teacher in its various guises begins to appear.

Now I've had an article published recently that deals with the topic of how to stop drinking and taking drugs in more detail. So I don't want to repeat everything I've written there. So read the article by clicking on the link How to Stop Drinking and then make sure you come straight back so that we can talk about what I wrote ...


Good ... because the key lesson there is that until you take ownership and responsibility for your addiction ... until you develop the attitude of, 'I'll do whatever it takes' ... until you stop blaming others and making excuses for your life as it is right now ... you'll be the person that constantly flirts with recovery, but never commits to overcoming your alcoholism or drug addiction.

You'll be the person that has been in rehab 5 times already and yet never really seems to make progress because you'll always find a reason to hit the bottle or go back to using again..

Do you really want that?

So if you really want to discover how to stop drinking and using drugs - the information on this website or whatever help you decide to enlist in overcoming your addictions - will only really work for you if you really take on board what I've shared with you here and in the article I told you to read.

So make that decision to look your addiction straight in the eye, accept and take responsibility for your life as it is right now, and make the commitment to yourself that you'll do whatever it takes to build a new, addiction-free life for yourself.

Then check out this piece on how to Quit Drinking for more helpful ideas and advice. And if you're really serious about wanting to know how to stop drinking or using drugs - I suggest you get a copy of My Book Addiction Uncovered, where I provide detailed strategies and steps for succefully overcoming alcoholism or drug addiction.

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