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Using Addiction and Alcoholism Herbal Treatment (s) to
Support You in Overcoming your Addictions

Let me first get one thing out of the way. Any Addiction or Alcoholism Herbal Treatment is certainly not going to solve all your alcohol/substance abuse related problems. Alcoholism is far too complex for that and so any herbal remedies for alcoholism should simply be seen as part of your overall strategy in fighting your addiction.

But herbs for addiction or alcoholism certainly have a role to play – if used with a holistic plan that includes nutrition and basically getting yourself as healthy as you can. Because unless you treat alcoholism, or any addiction for that matter, holistically – it’s going to be that much harder to beat it.

Because ultimately we are multi-dimensional beings comprising spiritual, mental/emotional and physical aspects. And it just takes one of those areas to be out of sync for the house to come tumbling down. It may sound like I'm over-exaggerating but I'm not - because imbalances in one area of your life will soon spill-over to others.

So what are some of the alcoholism herbal treatments that could really make a difference?

1) Ginseng

Speeds up the metabolism and so breaks down alcohol in your system more quickly. A great herb too for energy and vitality.

2) Milk Thistle

Helps improve liver function in mild cases of alcohol related liver damage. Less effective in cases of severe liver damage like with the formation of cirrhosis

3) St John’s Wort

With strong links between depression and alcoholism – St John’s Worst is a useful herb that helps deal with depression. Studies have shown it to be just as effective as regular anti-depressants. Drinking alcohol on top of taking any anti-depressants though just nullifies their effect so be aware of that. Recent research has also shown St John’s Wort may help to decrease alcohol intake.

4) Kudzu

Has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce alcohol consumption and the effect of hangovers. Research has however proved inconclusive in terms of establishing its true effectiveness as a supporting addiction and alcoholism herbal treatment.

The herbs I mention above are pretty much the main one's that can be regarded as herbal remedies for alcoholism. Ultimately though they may certainly help - but there is certainly a lot more to overcoming alcoholism or drug addiction than taking some herbs.

So give these alcoholism herbal treatment (s) a try – but if you’re serious about overcoming alcoholism or drug addiction I suggest you spend time studying the drug and alcohol addiction recovery section of this website.

I would also suggest you read about alcoholism self help ideas that can help you and an effective alternative alcoholism treatment approach that can support you in overcoming addiction.

Knowing whether a cure for alcoholism will ever be found also provides an interesting perspective on the nature of alcoholism and addiction and what successful recovery requires.

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