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The Significance of Chronic Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

If you’re interested in a medical definition of chronic alcoholism, I’ll give you one (which is the only one I could find and you’re just about to find out why:)

"A pathological condition that affects mainly the nervous system and gastroenteric systems, associated with impairment in social and occupational functioning, caused by the habitual use of alcoholic beverages in chronic amounts."

If you’re anything like me – you’ve just gone, ‘What?’ To be perfectly frank – there is no difference between alcoholism or chronic alcoholism. Yes, alcoholism progresses through certain stages as the disease becomes more advanced – and for more on that go to the Alcoholism Stages page.

And obviously chronic alcohol abuse simply leads to alcoholism – but if you’re a chronic alcohol abuser, chances are you can pretty much call yourself an alcoholic. So if you would like a more understandable definition of alcoholism that actually makes sense – then go read the Definition of Alcoholism.

You might label an addiction to alcohol as chronic because medically is can now be regarded as a disease – and for more on that, read about whether Alcoholism is a Disease. So don’t let the word 'chronic' in describing an addiction to alcohol throw you off in any way. You treat and look out for the Signs of a Serious Drinking Problem in pretty much the same way for everyone.

For a proper understanding of alcoholism – read the pages I have suggested and spend time exploring this site and you'll be equipped with all the info you need.

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