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Alcoholism and Vitamins: The Ideal Vitamin Supplements for
Alcoholism that will Help you in your Recovery

When considering alcoholism and vitamins and deciding which vitamin supplements for alcoholism you should use – I suggest you first read this page on alcoholism and nutrition.

There you will read about the major Vitamin B deficiencies (especially B1/Thiamine) alcoholism causes – which can even result in brain disorders; how alcohol blocks the absorption of vitamin C (one of the best anti-oxidants and can therefore cause things like anaemia), and how alcoholism causes Vitamin A deficiencies which reduces your body’s ability to resist disease.

Now using Vitamin Supplements for Alcoholism is certainly not going to solve all your problems, but combined with a proper nutrition program it will not only help you feel better, but will aid with the detoxification of remaining alcohol residue in your body.

Alcoholism and Vitamins: Vitamin Supplements for Alcoholism I recommend:

Brewers Yeast

The ultimate superfood. As a vegetarian it’s also a great source of protein and the essential B-vitamins. It contains plenty of all the various B-vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and enzymes. You just have to look at its list of ingredients (which I don’t have the space to list here) to see that it has almost everything you can think of. I like to buy it in powder form (Solgar Brand) and add it to my breakfast smoothy, but you can also add it to cereals, salads etc.

Vitamin C

I recommend this in its pure powder form (ascorbic acid) – and take 1 5g teaspoon a day in juice first thing in the morning. Pure vitamin C taken like this is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and is also a great way to help rid the body of alcohol. I also hardly ever get a cold these days and can’t remember when last I got the flu. You just have to be careful as to how much you take in one dose – because any more than 5g might give you the 'runs.'


When considering alcoholism and vitamins to support you in recovery – wheatgrass is not a vitamin as such, but like Brewers Yeast falls into the superfood category. When it is juiced and drunk, its chlorophyll and nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream where it heals tissue, purifies the liver, improves blood sugar levels and helps the body flush unwanted toxins. If you don’t like the idea of drinking this stuff (because it does taste terrible) – another good green type plant rich in chlorophyll and all sorts of beneficial minerals is spirulina. You can buy spirulina in tablet form and so makes them easy to swallow with water or juice.

So when looking at alcoholism and vitamins – and deciding which vitamins supplements for alcoholism are going to help you the most, I don’t think there are 3 more powerful out there (I am however no Doctor or Nutrionist so best check with them first). Obviously you also need to do your own research and find a combination that works for you – but these at least provide you with a great framework for you to start from.

You may also need to top up on vitamins A and E according to your needs and preferences – but like I said – you ultimately need to decide what works for you. I can also recommend that the most powerful detox I have ever done and the fastest way to rid your body of any alcohol or drug residue is to do a supervised juice fast. Personally – it’s one of the most transformational things I have ever done. Check this fasting website out for more info and for info on the programs available.

For further alcohol addiction recovery tips - you will find loads of interesting and helpful ideas on the alcohol and drug addiction recovery page.

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