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How to be Successful in Recovery from Drug Addiction

Successful recovery from drug addiction is an ongoing and life-long process. It starts the day you stop using drugs and ends the day you die. Because unless you remain vigilant and are committed to a life of recovery and change – those self-destructive thought and behavioural patterns can re-appear at any time, making relapse and the nightmare that will lead to, a very real possibility.

Too many people mistakenly think that receiving treatment for drug addiction is all that is required to overcome it. Wrong! Treatment is simply about helping you get clean and providing you with the tools to stay that way – recovery then becomes about what you do continuously to stay clean, using the tools a treatment program provided you with.

In essence, drug addiction recovery involves a total lifestyle change, and a commitment to working at and changing those destructive thought and behavioural patterns that led to a life of addiction in the first place. It’s about taking responsibility for your life and realising that the power to choose rests entirely in your hands, i.e. will you choose a life of sobriety and freedom, or will you choose continued slavery to your addiction?

The most successful addiction recovery programs realise that ongoing work on a spiritual, mental and emotional level are the keys to finding strength and peace in recovery. There is no short cut or quick fix. Your success is directly proportionate to the work you put in.

The reason 12-step programs like NA work, is because they address those very areas, coupled with the support of other recovering addicts, make it an exceptionally powerful combination that gets results. Millions around the world are testimony to this.

I know NA isn’t necessarily for everyone, but I question someone’s commitment to their recovery if they’re not prepared to give NA a fair go. If you’re desperate enough, you’ll do anything, and it’s often that desperation that drives you to keep working at your recovery, especially in those difficult early days when the compulsion to use can still be overwhelming. Because if you keep at it, the desire to use will leave you and a whole new way of experiencing the world will begin to open up to you.

More Recovery from Drug Addiction Ideas

  • Spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are extremely powerful in not only cultivating a more spiritual outlook, but also transforming destructive mental and emotional patterns that led to the addiction.
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle by taking an interest in what you eat (because diet plays a crucial role in how we feel and sense of well-being), and getting regular exercise to get those feel-good endorphins going, improves self-image and well-being making recovery much easier.
  • Read uplifting and inspiring books, because the more you feed your mind good stuff, the less inclined you’ll be to sink into negativity and all the potential for disaster that brings.
  • Develop new hobbies and interests to keep your mind active and stimulated, and that will alleviate the boredom and sense of emptiness that often leads to using.

Is one ever successfully Recovered from a Drug Addiction?

Some people like to think of themselves of being in recovery until the day they die, no matter how many years they’ve been clean. Others eventually feel they’re successfully recovered because they reach a point where using drugs is simply no longer an option with all the work they’ve put into change and transformation.

Use whatever works for you. I don’t believe one should get hung up on labels. As long as you keep doing the work, ultimately it doesn’t matter and eventually you’ll reach a point where you hardly recognise the addicted, miserable person you once were.

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