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Recognising the Early Signs of Alcoholism
and Physical Signs of Alcoholism

By recognising the early signs of alcoholism and the various physical signs of alcoholism – you stand a much better change of getting the necessary treatment and help before things have gotten really bad, and so the treatment and recovery process will be that much easier.

Usually the biggest problem is not recognising the signs – but it’s admitting to them. Because there is generally a certain stigma attached to alcoholism - many people live in DENIAL to the extent or nature of their problem rather than get help early.

It doesn’t help that we live in a society where alcohol forms such huge part of our social fabric – so it becomes easy for the lines to get blurred between what constitutes ‘socially acceptable’ levels of drinking and alcohol abuse, which in turn leads to alcoholism.

And what is true for one person isn’t necessarily so for the next. You might be showing early signs of alcoholism – whereas the next person who drinks the same amount or even more than you do – has no problem. Because it’s not always about how much you drink – but the effects alcohol has on your life and well-being that ultimately determines the nature of the problem.

Early Signs of Alcoholism

  • Are you drinking more than you did before (usually because you’ve developed an increased tolerance)?
  • Are you increasingly turning to alcohol to help deal with stress, an emotional issue, or to help you unwind?
  • Do you struggle to stop drinking after a drink or two?
  • Do you ever feel guilty after your drinking?
  • Has anyone close to you commented or showed concern about how much you drink?
  • Ever blacked out or gotten the shakes because of your drinking?
  • Do you show significant changes in mood or behaviour, e.g. become unusually loud or obnoxious, withdrawn, aggressive, abusive or violent?
These are all tell-tale signs that there is a problem developing. You should take this test for alcoholism which gives you a comprehensive set of questions to determine if there is indeed a genuine problem with alcohol.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

  • Slurred speech, unsteadiness and a general lack of co-ordination (This can happen to anyone when drunk, but if it occurs fairly frequently can be a sign a problem is developing)
  • Weight loss due to malnutrition
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Liver Damage which can cause fatigue, yellowing of the skin, nausea and stomach pains amongst others
  • Changes in behaviour that I spoke about above could also be regarded as part of the various alcoholism physical signs

Usually though the physical signs of alcoholism take longer to manifest than the early signs of alcoholism. The major physical signs like liver damage start to occur in fairly advanced cases of alcohol dependence.

I suggest you also take a look at the ten warning signs of alcoholism and the alcoholism physical symptoms to provide you with a more comprehensive idea of what to look out for.

But like I said initially – the sooner you (or a loved one) get help and treatment, the better. Spend time in the alcohol addiction treatment area where you’ll be exposed to all your options.

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