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Yes You Can Get The Alcoholic Out Of Your Life!!

by Karen

I just wanted to say for the first time in many years, I feel like myself a bit. I have been married to a closet alcoholic for over 18 years who is verbally and emotionally abusive to myself and our four children.

He is unable to stop drinking and he has displayed more awful behaviors in front of the children that I am ashamed for him that they had to see it. Well, after three years of begging him to leave our house, he finally did 12 days ago. He packed a few things and moved in with his mother.

I am so scared because of finances and the fact he has gambled most of our life savings away BUT there is some strange magic in my home. The kids and I are not hearing his nonsense and ridiculous and hurtful words. The peace of him being out of the house is incredible. I have taken a stand and some how/some way, I am going to move forward and not allow him back into our nest.

He is very ill and still feels that I have a part in his alcoholism. I do tell him that he is right, my part is that I have allowed him to stay in our home and ruin our children's minds and hearts. What I plan on getting out of all of this is to let my children understand that his alcoholism, abuse, poor role modeling, and inappropriate parenting is unacceptable from here on out.

I am now sitting on my couch and not worrying about the next attack. I am listening to my son's snoring and the crickets chirping outside on a cool summer night. I am going to try my best to keep my home and do the best I can to help my kids and myself heal. We are going to start counseling as a family soon. I love my kids so much and am only sorry that I wasn't able to get their father out of the house years ago.

There is hope for all of us!! I pray for all of my unknown friends who are suffering as myself and my children have for so many years. I hope we all find the strength to move forward and enjoy life each and every day.

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Well done
by: Anonymous

Things don't have to be that way ... why stay with someone who treats you terribly, chooses alcohol of his family, is selfish, manipulative and all the rest!!? Eventually enough is enough. For the sake of one's own well-being and dignity - not to mention one's children. Having the courage to take action and initiate change isn't easy, but you've done so, so well done! Now it's a matter of moving forward and not looking back. Don't have 2nd thoughts or change your mind. Am sure many others will be inspired by reading this.

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