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"How to Survive a Relationship

 with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict"

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re you married to ... or in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict? Have you reached your wits end as to what you can do to help the alcoholic/addict you love to overcome their addiction? Do you wonder how to cope amidst the chaos you now find yourself in?

The reality is that being involved with someone struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction is one of the most difficult and painful things imaginable to deal with. You've watched the person you once fell in love with destroy themselves with alcohol or drugs ...

Maybe their self-destruction is still in the early stages and you're hopeful that with the right support you can help them find a way out. Or maybe their addiction has gotten progressively worse over a number of years now ... and every possible thing you've tried (pleading, threatening, cajoling) has ultimately proved futile.

So what now?

You've done everything you can, yet nothing seems to change. But not only are you watching the person you love deteriorate further into a life of addiction - you (and critically if you have children) are being drawn deeper and deeper into all the negativity and destruction that accompanies being involved with an alcoholic or drug addict.

Challenges of Being In A Relationship With An Addict

  • Anger and resentment impede your ability to have a healthy relationship.
  • Children are ultimately the one's most badly affected by what's happening.
  • Promises to quit mean nothing. Action is what counts.
You're no doubt reading this because you're at a loss as to what else you can do. On a good day, the alcoholic or drug addict you care so much about shows immense remorse for their actions and promises that they'll quit drinking or using drugs.

But by now you've learnt better and realise that those promises never amount to anything ...

On a bad day you wonder how it ever got to this and if the insanity, pain and frustration that accompanies being in a relationship with someone you love struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction will ever end ...

The problem is for all the bad days you experience, every so often a good one will appear out of nowhere, and you'll be reminded of the loving, caring and considerate person you fell in love with.

So you cling onto that feeling - and when all the negativity and pain start again you hold onto the belief that things will one day change.

Days pass ... and the days turn into months ... and the months turn into years. But nothing has changed. At least not for the better. Things have just gotten progessively worse.

Being in love with an alcoholic or drug addict is an emotional roller-coaster. The promise your relationship held when you first got together is turning into a distant memory, if it hasn't done so already. You wish things could be different but are at a loss as to what further you can do to make a difference.

Time For Answers

My name is CP Lehmann. I'm the editor and owner of the website

When I started the website my intention was to help others struggling with their own addictions because I'd been through my own drug and alcohol problems - and understand what it takes to recover from addiction successfully.

But as the website grew, something unexpected started becoming very apparent ...

It wasn't those struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction themselves searching for answers to their problems - nearly as much as loved one's and family members like you, who were looking for information on how to help and deal with someone they care about battling with addiction.

I certainly didn't expect that to be the case, and it made me realise that there is very little information out there specifically designed to help loved one's and family members of alcoholics and drug addicts deal with the situation they find themselves in.

And I think due to the fact that we've started catering for this need and trying to help people like you better understand and cope with the challenge of being in a relationship with an addict, that we've grown so rapidly and now reach so many people all over the world.

Now I'm not going to lie to you and promise you some magical cure to the challenges and problems you face ...

But I do think through the experience I've gained in helping and advising others like you what they can do to improve their lives and better deal with the challenges of being in a relationship with an addict/alcoholic - your life has the potential to take on a whole new direction from this point.

  • Children of alcoholics or addicts are four times more likely to end up with an addiction themselves.
  • 3 in 10 adults drink at levels that put them at risk of developing alcoholism, liver disease and other related problems.
  • Alcohol abuse or drinking to excess causes over 80,000 deaths a year in the US alone.

Learning To Live Life On Your Terms Again

There are some crucial things you need to know if you're ever going to survive being in a relationship with a drug addict or alcoholic. Because understand this, nothing will change if you don't change and start to do things differently.

So if things are ever going to improve, it's up to you make it happen and not wait for your addicted partner to miraculously undergo a massive transformation. But what do you do and where do you start? That's where I can help you ...

I've condensed all the knowledge I've gained over the years helping others deal with an alcoholic or drug addicted spouse or partner into a book called: "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship With an Alcoholic or Drug Addict."

It will teach you the essentials to getting your life back on track and how to find happiness again ... as well as other important principles that are essential when dealing with someone you love suffering with alcoholism or drug addiction. These include:

  • How to recognise the true signs of alcoholism or drug addiction in the person you love so that they can no longer fob you off with excuses like 'I have it all under control' and 'that it's not that bad' and 'I can quit any time I want.' (Chapter 2)
  • The ability to no longer let yourself fall for all the excuses you're fed as to why your addicted other half simply has to to drink or take drugs - and exactly what to do when that happens. (Page 6)
  • How to break through the denial the alcoholic/addict in your life constantly shows ... and why that is ultimately the only way that will ever get them to seek help for their problem. (Page 7)
  • Understanding the true nature of addiction and what exactly your addicted partner/spouse needs to do if they ever hope to beat their alcoholism/drug addiction successfully. (Page 10)
  • Coming to terms with the concept of 'relationship addiction' and how you could inadvertently be keeping your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend stuck in the destructive cycle of their addiction longer than they need to be. (Chapter 3)
  • Why you're taking on an inappropriate degree of responsibility for the person you love and why in doing so they're unlikely to ever come to terms with their addiction and turn their life around. (Page 17)
  • The single most important principle you have to master if you ever hope to be happy and feel good about yourself again. (Page 19)
  • The three rules you simply have to follow when a person you love is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction and how understanding these rules will help you deal with guilt, regret ... and wondering if there is anything more you can do to help. (Page 20)
  • What to do if you really want the person you care about to get help. This is you saying 'I've had enough' and deciding that things have to change. It's a method I've personally used to get someone I love the help they need. Eight years later and she's still sober. (Chapter 5)
  • The key ingredient you need to acquire if you no longer want to be an emotional punching-bag and victim to your addict's moods, lies and manipulation. No more living in fear and constantly worrying about you could and should be doing to help. This is where you start taking charge of your life again. (Page 36)
  • How to go about giving your life renewed purpose and rediscovering the things that really matter. Being in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict is emotionally and spiritually exhausting. Time to reconnect and do the things that really matter. (Chapter 7)
  • Facing the biggest dilemma of being in a relationship with an addict: Do you stay or do you go? It's one of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make and now is the time to consider what is going to be best for everyone in the long run. (Chapter 8)
  • Eleven tough questions you need to ask yourself and be honest about when making the decision about whether your relationship has a long-term future. (Page 45)
  • Five life-changing and transformative practices that will help you deal with the pain and frustration of being in love with an alcoholic/drug addict, help you let go of destructive and unhealthy emotional patterns ... and start you on the journey to lasting peace of mind and happiness. (Page 53)
  • Answers to the most common questions other loved one's of addicts and alcoholics face. Learn from what others are going through so you don't make the same mistakes. (Pages 61-97)
  • The above points are just a sample of what you'll discover when you Get your hands on "Help Me: I'm In Love With An Addict: How to Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict."

    It's information you'll struggle to find elsewhere and has been honed over a number of years helping others like you on the website. You'll finally be empowered to make the hard decisions, not only helping the alcoholic or addict you care so much about, but helping yourself get your life back on track again.

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    What Is This Information Worth To You?

    Now stay with me and listen closely ... What price would you put on discovering the most effective ways to help your addicted spouse or partner? What is your dignity and self-respect ultimately worth? Imagine reaching a place where you are able to experience a real sense of peace and happiness you haven't experienced in years ...

    Achieving all that really is priceless. You deserve nothing less in fact. But being in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addicted has no doubt cost you plently financially, but also caused you immeasurable hurt and pain emotionally, spiritually and perhaps even physically.

    That's why putting a price on getting your life where you deserve it to be and knowing exactly how to deal with a person you love struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction is difficult.

    Would that kind of information be worth a $1000 to you? $500? Had my family known what I share with you in this book, it literally would have saved us thousands of dollars, not to mention untold heartached and pain.

    I am however so determined to make it absolutely affordable - so that you can offer no excuse for not getting your hands on a copy of "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict" - that I'm prepared to offer it to you for less than a tenth of that.

    That's why you can Own a copy of "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict" for only $19.99.

    And let's be honest $19.99 doesn't get you very far in today's times, let alone offer you potentially life-changing information. That's why I've tried to price this as fairly and affordably as possible. So please don't think twice and act now.

    Free Bonus Worth $99 For Ordering Immediately

    bonus item Now to make your decision even easier and to encourage you to act immediately ... I'm prepared to offer you two e-mail coaching consultations whereby I personally advise you on how to deal with your alcoholic/addicted other half and answer any specific questions you may have ... absolutely free.

    My e-mail coaching consultations are usually valued at $49.99 and with my time unfortunately being in limited supply, it's not something I get as much time as I'd like for.

    But if you act right now, I'll make sure I make time available to help you get started on the journey towards healing ... and advise you personally how best to deal with the addict/alcoholic in your life.

    Your Risk Free Guarantee

    Perhaps you're still feeling slightly unsure. Doubts are natural. I had plenty when I started out and was finding my way dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction. So to help you and totally remove all risk from your decision, this is what I'm prepared to do ...

    Addiction Uncovered Guarantee100% Guarantee

    Read "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict" entirely at my risk for the next 60 days - and if hasn't been what you expected or hasn't produced the results you'd hoped for, I'll happily refund your money, no questions asked. Isn't that a fair deal?

    There is really no way you can lose on this with a 60-day, 100% guarantee like that. I'm just so determined you read the book, I'm trying to pull out all the stops to ensure you do, because I really do believe the information it contains could totally change your life from this day onwards. So now the ball is entirely in your court ...

    Yes! Carl-Peter, I Want This eBook! Count Me In Right Now!

    I understand that by taking advantage of this offer right now, I will receive my copy of "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict" in eBook format and I will also receive all of the bonuses mentioned above for ONLY $19.99. 

    I also understand that I will be able to gain access to these downloadable files immediately after I pay using the secure link below, even if it is 3:00 am.

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    I'm not sure there is anything more I can tell you. I've done everything I can to make this decision as easy and pain-free as possible for you. I really believe "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict" contains all the information you need to start making meaningful and lasting changes.

    But as I like to remind people, knowledge in itself isn't power. Knowledge only becomes power once you take action. You have potentially life-changing information literally a click of a button away - but ultimately it's what you do once you buy the book that will make all the difference.

    So my only real hope for you ... whether you decide to purchase the book or not that you realise you have the power to affect change and things don't have to remain the way they are. But I do hope you give the book a chance and fast-track your way to new beginnings.

    Best Wishes


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    P.S. "Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict: How To Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict" has been designed in eBook format so no waiting in the mail to get your copy. Within a couple of clicks of a button you could own and be reading your copy within minutes.

    Get yours here now!

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