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Vicodin Addiction - What Do I Do?

Long story short ... I used to take as many pills as I wanted every day. I did that for 2 years - but I started to get sick from it so I woke up in a ambulance next day and so I cut down to 2 pills every 12 hrs.

I would like to take more but I can't my body rejects them if I take even a half pill extra I get sick. Don't know why but I do feel OK for 2 hrs and like shit for 10 hrs - until it is time for me to take the next dose @ 6pm.

I do it @ 6am and 6 pm. I take Xanax to help me make it to 6pm. Am I an addict on 4 pills a day and how can I taper down any more?


The fact that you're using Vicodin daily and can't go without means you're addicted without question. Feel free to take this drug addiction test to confirm that.

Trying to taper yourself off Vicodin is not the way to do it because the potential for incurring very unpleasant drug addiction withdrawal effects is high.

Rather get yourself to a Doctor and explain the situation to him/her so that you can arrange to be put through a supervised detox. And from there you need to get yourself into a proper drug rehab program that will help you get clean and provide you with the tools for staying clean.

The longer you leave this the worse it's going to get so do something now.

God Bless and Good Luck

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sister hooked at 72
by: Anonymous

my 72 yr old sister is hooked on vicodin 500mg she gets 60 a month and is out within 2wks she has copd and is in pain shes out now and is like a zombie what do you suggest?

ON MY LIFE I NEED HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!I take Vics and without them i loose and motovation I go to shcool at College and CAN NOT do it with out it
by: Brian

Itake 7.5/500mg. Qty. 90/Mo. 3X per day ,and I take 11.25 mg twice and day. For college and work, without hem loose and motovation I go to shcool at College and CAN NOT do it with out them. I need the patch like for cigarretes or shomethin because cold turkey sounds great but i have been smoking like 17-18 years, i need an allterative. PLEASEHELP! :)

What you should do
by: Anonymous

First of all do you have pain or did you just start taking vicodin. If you started taking it for pain than you need to address the pain issue by just taking any pain meds you will become addicted to them. If pain was the issue first find what is causing the pain and tell the doctor about your vicodon addiction. If pain is not the underlying reason you started the vicodon then you need to address your addiction. And no you cannot do this on your own. You will never be able to cut down and get off the vicodon without help.Just the fact that you have to take xanax to get you to your next dose of vicodon tells me that you need help.Proper detoxing makes it easier to get off the pills but don't forget you will need rehab if you can afford it thenmake sure you get to meetings the second you are done detoxing even if you go to rehab you still need to go to meeting and get a sponser. Addiction does not stop after detoxing or rehab this will be a job for the rest of your life.ood Luck and God Bless you.

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