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Relapsed Again - How Do I Finally Overcome my Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

I’ve just relapsed again. I just can’t seem to stay sober for any length of time. I manage to get to a few weeks without having a drink or popping any pills, but by that stage I’m literally climbing the walls and just can’t keep clean or stay sober any longer.

I realised about 6 months ago that I was an addict and have since through a combination of will power and the odd AA or NA meeting managed this cycle of staying clean a few weeks, only to get out of my mind again for a few days until the jolt of guilt and shame sets in to start me on my next round.

I don’t know what it is that keeps me going around in circles like this. I acknowledge I’m a drug addict and alcoholic, but I just can’t seem to break the chains of my addiction to alcohol and drugs. Is there anything I can do because I’m going out of my mind?


What you’re going through isn’t unusual at all. Many people that have eventually overcome their addiction, have done so after relapsing many times first. To break the cycle of addiction isn’t easy and so you have to dust yourself and off and get on the horse again until you finally break the chains for good. So whatever you do, never give up!

I would however advise that you actively start working a recovery program asap because in my experience those that do are the ones that create lasting change and tend to overcome their addictions the fastest. Not that it’s a race and we all move at our own pace, but if you seriously work at your recovery, you’ll almost automatically begin undergoing an inner transformation and leave your addictive tendencies behind you sooner or later.

Because that’s what overcoming addiction is ultimately all about – it’s an inside job and requires a lot of work on especially the spiritual, mental and emotional levels. So even though you say you’ve been to a few 12 step meetings, it doesn’t really sound like you’re actively working at your recovery. Will power is unfortunately not enough to overcome an addiction. You really need to work the 12 steps or find another spiritual based program that you can immerse yourself in to leave a life of addiction behind you.

You’ve done well so far. A slight change in approach and you’ll get there, so stay strong and keep believing.

All the Best

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Thanks for Answering
by: Anonymous

I know I haven't worked at my recovery as much as I should. Guess it explains why I'm struggling so much. Just didn't think it would be this hard, but suppose that comes back to me trying to rely too much on the will power thing. I think part of me feels that the manly thing to do is grit it and bear it until it gets better. But obviously can't do that with addiction, as I'm starting to realise.

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