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Pinky's Story: My Life With An Alcoholic

I have been married to an alcoholic for many years, and like many of you I am incredibly lonely. I fill my life with children, or else I would go crazy. My faith in the Lord Jesus helps me so much,and even though my husband goes to church, the kids have told me they feel like he is a hypocrite because of the lying and sneaking he does otherwise.

He really seems to think he's a good Christian when he lies, sneaks, does whatever to get alcohol and denies drinking when it is so obvious that he has. It is really hard to love him and I know I cannot trust him at home with the kids because he may fall into a deep sleep because of the drinking and I cannot risk that.

I have been the wage earner in the past while he has been content to sit around, it is so frustrating. I know as a Christian I am to forgive and that marriage is for life - the ridiculous thing is that it's my 2nd marriage to an alcoholic!

My 1st husband was a bad binge drinker and would be gone for days, this one is a functional alcoholic and to all the world looks like a good guy (although I think he's getting more simple in the way he acts and speaks because of his drinking). I also think he has fetal alcohol syndrome himself as his parents both drank before he was born.

We have next to no physical relationship because of the resentment I have and because of the way he puts alcohol,sports and everything else above me. When a person has been lied to and embarrassed enough the hurt really builds up. I've tried so many avenues and failed. The only thing left is to love God, love my kids, try to love him (only with God's help)and love myself and know that God works ALL things for good for those who love Him.

Ladies and Gentlemen living with alcoholics; I believe I've been through the mill of emotions and experiences and the best advice I can give you is TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF by getting yourself to a good Bible believing church and develop a good relationship with the Lord and other Christians.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that Christians are hypocrites or that they will judge you - if they do then they're not true Christians anyway so you don't have to worry about them. Jesus hung around people like you and me and He has a heart for us and what we're going through is what we're going through as bad as hanging on a cross?

Love you all ... and if living with the alcoholic is threatening your mental or physical health or that of your kids - it is not a sin to GET OUT.

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