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My Partner Is a Meth Addict. He Knows He Has an Addiction But What Are The Right Steps To Take Now ?

by lost soul
(Victoria, Australia )

Hi I am a 26 yr old female with a boyfriend of 28 who has a deep addiction to "ICE". He was a heroin addict in his past but has got himself 'so-called' clean by being prescribed morphineas a ween off so stop withdrawals. Which now he can't go without having. He also takes zanax its ... a anxiety pill which adds to the list of drugs.

When he's been up for a while (3-4 days) and can't get a fix he starts to drop off where his body wants to sleep, he will start talking but it will be random gibberish making no sense at all til he finally falls into a coma like state of sleep and will stay that way for a solid 12-15 hours.

He knows he has a problem and admits so and asks for help but when he has had that sleep and wakes up - he's off again trying to find a way to get on if it means stealing or rotting someone or something he while do so.

He had a holiday booked before we met - a contiki tour to Europe which he was paying off. He says he wanted to go hard on the ice because once he gets on the plane for his holiday he quits as of then. He did the holiday hard and tried to make excuses to come home early - but I made the impossible possible so he would stay over there a month. While he was gone, it did him wonders health wise.

Once he got back a week passed and just like that its on all over again - he did not return to work as a project manager and still hasn't. They have now made him redundant. Probably just easier to do so and he agreed. He breaks promises on a regular basis to the point where if he says he will do something, I have already sorted something as if he has already failed me because it not worth the fight.

I can't trust him but am in love with him and its very hard to help him when inside I have already lost faith. I would feel guilty if I got up and walked out with out him giving rehab, treatment or something a really good going at ... I'm just unsure what to do .

He is very pride driven so to be hospitalized for 4 day detox isn't an option because he wont go. He has this idea - home bound for a couple of weeks is the answer but it never gets past 3 days. I have to try to do something soon and because support is big factor at this time.

My boyfriend and I have been together nearly a year now and its getting harder to deal with his habit. I am going though my own problems at the moment with depression, anxiety and panic-attacks due to a sexual harassment case with work, its going to court now. So I'm in need of direction.
How do I end this nightmare? Where Do I start?

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Don't let him take you down with him
by: C-P

Hi Lost Soul. If your boyfriend isn't prepared to get professional help for his addiction by getting treatment/going to rehab, there is very little you can do. He has to want to turn his life around - you can't make him. And if you think you can, you're setting yourself up for failure and never-ending heart-ache and disappoint. People don't just beat a serious meth addiction by locking themselves away at home for a few days, it takes a lot more effort than that. Understand these 3 crucial principles in relation to someone you love struggling with an addiction - i) You didn't cause it. ii) You can't control it. iii) You can't cure it. So unless your boyfriend commits to turning his life around, things are going to get worse, not better. You need to read this story about a girl who was in a similar position to you and in love with a heroin addict. It tells of her struggle and what she finally did to get life back. The lessons in there are worth gold. Best of Luck

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