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Giving Up On My Marriage of 28 years Due To My Husband's Addictions to Alcohol and Other Substances

by charlotte
(cullman, Al.)

I met my husband 29 years ago. My father was an alcoholic. My husband did not drink when we met and were subsequently married. During my first pregnancy, he had an affair and began using drugs and alcohol. I planned to move to my home state without him.

He cleaned his act up for three years. Two years after our twins we're born, he slipped back in to his old behavior. I would leave with my children. Between his promises of change and my children crying for their father, I would come back. I worked full time to support my children with little help from my husband.

He would only work construction jobs" no drug test required" where his crew and friends were like minded alcoholics and drug users. My children left home as soon as they could to escape our bad home life. He had a life threatening illness for 2 years, nearly lost his life.

I provided financial and medical care for him and hoped he would have a new lease on life after he survived and recovered. Sadly, as soon as he recovered he went back to his old ways. I became a Christian during this time, and would be cursed and verbally abused for attending church.He has had treatment for his addictions but lied his way through therapy.

I am now disabled with anxiety, depression and cops. I feel I have no way out. If someone could give me advice and hope of any kind it would be a blessing.

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Giving up on my marriage update
by: charlotte

A few days after I submitted by story and read the reply left for me by a kind soul, I returned home from church to find my husband was even more abusive and violent than usual.I told him that I had prayed for him.He has been drinking hard for 5 days non stop. He began to shove and threaten me so I retreated to the spare room. When he finally passed out for the night, I checked the house before going to bed and found he had loaded and cocked a 9 mm pistol. I grabbed my cat, medication and left.I was frightened at how close I came to being killed. I am staying at an undisclosed location.

You're never going to change him
by: Anonymous

You're never going to change your husband so it's time to start looking out for yourself and doing what is best for you. It's never too late to start over. Seek fellowship and support from those that love you like family, church, support groups like Al-Anon etc. Having that will make these tough times for much easier for you. Your husband has chosen his path and unfortunately through his selfish and self-destructive behavior you've been forced to pay for that as well. It's time for you to say 'no more' and start over. Don't be afraid to get professional help for your anxiety etc. so you can also start your own process of healing and find some sort of closure from what you've been through. Never stop believing that despite the dark and difficult times at present, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can get through and be a stronger and better person for it. Remember diamonds are shaped in adversity. Good Luck and God Bless

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