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Depressed and Struggling With Alcoholism

I am very depressed and have been for some time. I have lost a my dad who himself was an alcoholic, he died from lung cancer as did his two siblings all in 4 years. I feel I have demons in me cos I can not give up smoking no matter how hard I try - so now I am turning to drink and am on a self destruct button.

I do not want to die, I have a lovely child and a good job which I have no interest in now, but I'm heading to the grave if I carry on drinking and smoking as I am doing.

It is 9am and I am drinking wine and smoking copious amounts of cigarettes and in despair ...


The 'secret' to feeling better and turning your life around is in taking action and engaging in the behaviors that will lead to you feeling better.

Alcoholism, or any kind of addiction for that matter can be beaten. But it doesn't simply happen by itself. Until you make a decision that you will DO whatever it takes to change, nothing is going to change.

But by understanding that how to stop drinking and turn your life around successfully is a process - that with the help of others involves a change of mindset, facing and dealing with your 'demons' that cause you to self-destruct, and committing to creating a way of life that builds you up and not breaks you down.

So in a nutshell that means you should:

1) Seek professional help - an addiction treatment program would be ideal (they will also be able to help you with your depression.)

2) Find a workable recovery program - 12 step programs like AA are excellent self development programs that will help you you make lasting inner changes so the desire to drink will leave you. Plus the fellowship of being able to speak to people who understand where you're at, can make the world of difference.

That's really it. Sure, there may be alternatives - but in short that's what millions of other people around the world have done to beat their addiction to alcohol.

People are out there, ready and waiting to help you. But you have to initiate it. So take a chance, for the sake of your child if no one else. You can do it!

Good Luck and God Bless

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