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Am I an Alcoholic? Some Tips and Resources to Help you Find out

Do you wonder – am I an alcoholic or addict? It’s difficult to sometimes know when you’ve crossed the line from someone who simply enjoys a few drinks to someone who has a genuine problem with alcohol.

There is not necessarily a hard and fast answer because each person’s circumstances are unique, but I tend to look for the key criteria as being whether any parts of your life are beginning to be effected due to your drinking?

Is your spouse or partner starting to comment on how much you drink, are you struggling to cope with things in your daily life that you haven’t before – like work, friendships etc? Have you started losing interest in things you previously enjoyed? Are you starting to feel guilty about your drinking ...

Answering these questions truthfully will provide some telling clues as to being able to tell whether you are in fact an alcoholic.

I suggest for a more definite answer that you read the signs of alcoholism and then take this alcoholism test. Once you’ve done that you should have a fairly clear idea and getting help is recommended.

Most of the signs and symptoms apply to drug addiction as well – and if that applies to you as well – check out the drug addiction symptoms test page.

I really hope that the information here as helped you. Be sure to check out the pages above I’ve recommended. They will definitely provide some telling answers.

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