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Am I an Addict?????

by Anxious One
(Hamilton,on Canada)

I have been doing cocaine for about 12 years now. It has got worse over the last 5. I am not the type to do a 8ball a night, but more a couple of lines 3 or 4 nights a week.

I can't remember the last time I went three weeks without a line,since I've started counting the days. Some people say I do it out of boredom cause I work at home at my own pace and when night comes - I start getting anxious(I do have anxiety problems)and bored.

I am currently on a "two week roll" at the moment(sober roll,sorry)and the thing is I don't have to pay for it and is easily accessible for me.

Having a few drinks seems to throw my willpower right out of the window also. I could go on forever but I think you get the point.


Hi Anxious One

The big question is this - is your using negatively affecting your life in any way? In other words is it affecting your work, relationships, health, mental state in any way adversely?

If it is - and you can't stop by yourself despite knowing these things and wanting to - then you know you have a problem.

Being an addict isn't only confined to those people who go hard at it every day. May addicts binge, and then go through periods where they're able to stay clean. But it never lasts.

It sounds like you're using cocaine to self-medicate to help with the anxiety as well. That's always a dangerous game to play, and through experience I also know what havoc alcohol can play in leading to using other substances.

If you can walk away from using cocaine now without a problem - then maybe you're one of the lucky one's who can use drugs successfully only on a recreational basis. But from what you say it doesn't sound like it.

Take this test for addiction and then also read through the various signs of alcoholism and addiction (they're pretty much the same for alcoholism and drug addiction) - and you'll have a pretty clear idea of whether in fact you are an addict.

Then come back and we can help you decide what course of action to take.

God Bless

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A Tool that has Helped me with my Anxiety
by: C-P

I've also suffered severe anxiety problems and tried just about everything under the sun (including self-medicating with drugs and alcohol) to solve this. Nothing ever really worked, until I started using a tool called Holosync. It's not a quick fix, but with time it has taken most of the edge off my anxiety, and has helped me feel much calmer and able to cope with day to day stuff. It also helps with things like depression, and I know of people who have even totally lost the desire to drink or use drugs after using it extensively. It's a really cool tool. Not cheap, but definitely worth every cent I spent on it.

Without a doubt
by: Anonymous

I think you know - otherwise you wouldn't have asked the question. Addiction can be a very subtle thing - it isn't always obvious until you reach end stage addiction. If you can't simply stop now without another thought, then you are. But none of that ultimately matters, its one thing recognising a problem, another thing entirely doing something about it. Don't be scared to get help. Going alone is way too difficult!

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