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Yes, It is most definitely an illness

One comes to understand that alcoholism is an illness of the mind, body and spirit. I also know that it causes damage in all these areas which alcohol pushes one further away from reality and into the depths of misconceptions of what truth is.

There is no excuse for the actions on takes while infected with this illness, however that does not mean that one means what they say or do while ill. Working to remove these false ideas to live a sober life, does give one an opportunity to try and right wrongs and the chance to be forgiven.

If that fails there is always forgiveness from a Loving God as one understands him for themselves and should be granted to live a life with love and acceptance. We are not saints, we are human beings with faults, that truly given that chance to live without this illness would and will do to the best of ones ability. To those who don't believe, try not to judge, only God can do that, you are no better than anyone else.

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