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Why are Recovery Rates for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction so Low?

I was talking to someone the other day and they said treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction is waste of money because recovery rates are so low. Something like 5% I think they said. How true is that because I was thinking of possibly going to a treatment center myself for a drinking problem that has been getting worse for the last few years?


Whether 5% is true or not I can’t say. I don’t think any set of statistics for the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism are comprehensive enough to give a totally accurate picture. However I do know that recovery rates are quite low, so the question is why?

You need to understand that the treatment of an addiction is only the first step in achieving lasting sobriety. The work and effort that you put into your recovery once you’ve left treatment are ultimately the critical factors in determining whether you’ll manage to avoid relapsing and build a new alcohol free life for yourself.

And that’s the crux. Many addicts that go through treatment just aren’t ready to make the changes or put in the work they need to, to stay sober. That’s where your attitude and determination come into it. If you want sobriety badly enough, you’ll make it happen.

Many, even those that go through treatment, don’t. Hence the low recovery rates. And for some to get to the point where they really are ready to quit, just takes longer, hence the cycle of stop-relapse, stop-relapse continues until they’ve made the internal shift to quit drinking for good.

So I think going to treatment is a great idea and I encourage you to go. Just remember though, what you put in is directly proportionate to what you’ll get out in the end because there is no quick fix or magic cure.

Best of luck and take care

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Jackets NEW
by: William Jack

Recovery rate for drugs and alcoholism is low because there are may steps Arrow Stephen Amell Jacket are taken to recover from it thats why it takes time.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction NEW
by: WebsBerry

If you drink every day, acquire the shakes if you desist from alcohol or connect in drinking alcohol even with being aware of important risks to yourself, your work, education, associates or family, then you require treating your alcoholism. Visit Our

great NEW
by: kinme

I attend meetings on a regular basis, If you want sobriety badly enough, you’ll make it happen.Omega Replica Review I was thinking of possibly going to a treatment center myself for a drinking .

Drug infatuation recovery NEW
by: Ashlyn Johnson

Lots of drug infatuation recovery figures are congregate during surveys and opinion poll that ask recovering addicts to paper writing help statement the outcome of their management.

Live the steps
by: Anonymous

I have been sober for six and a half years since entering treatment. For me, I have to LIVE the steps rather than work them - I have to be every mindful that I am an alcoholic and that will never change. I attend meetings on a regular basis, do formal (written) step work, meet with my sponsor and also am sponsor to other recovering alcoholics. I have been kept sober by the grace of God and also by doing EXACTLY what was suggested to me when I was in treatment. It works for me!
There is no actual reliably collected data of recovery rates that I know of. I heard the scare stories of relapse when I was first sober too and it did make me more aware that I needed to be vigilant - this disease is cunning, baffling and powerful as the Big Book says.

long term recovery:
by: Anonymous

Long term recovery is difficult because,We don't know how to be responsible,we don't want to experience the living pains, difficulty in coping with easely bruised feelings, the reality of extensive introspection,coping with feelings of inadequasy,projecting negative results, inactivity due to fear,thoughts of suicide,mental retardation,harboring extreme hatred,plus many, many more thoughts and feelings that come and go.
I have been sober since AUG. 22, 1973 for a total of 37 years, sometimes easy sometimes tough, because I don't know how to live,think, & feel sober?

Recovery is an Attitude
by: Anonymous

Recovery is an attitude, which unfortunately many attempting it just don't get. They just expect recovery to magically happen by itself. It just doesn't work that way. Work, effort, dedication, commitment are the things you need to make recovery a success, not some attitude of entitlement. Remember that and you'll go far.

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