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What Is The Best Way to Perform an Alcohol Detox at Home?

I already know that I should take thiamin twice a day, and a prescription anti-anxiety/anti -insomnia drug (I have Lorazepam that I have not used yet), starting at 4 times a day and reducing the amount. I would like to know about anything else that can reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

I've heard that orange juice helps for cravings, but I'm concerned about my blood sugar levels.
As a high-functioning alcoholic, I am concerned about privacy at this point, as no one in my world really knows I have a problem, except my adult children have commented on my mood swings when I'm drinking, and suggest I'd be happier and healthier without cocktails.

I know all about AA, I've been to meetings in the past. Right now I just want to get through the first week of quitting as comfortably as possible without going into a detox place. Recently I find that if I try to go 24 hours without a drink I begin to feel nausea, shakiness, mild sweating, and a basic feeling of physical uneasiness.

I also wonder about just dosing myself, to slowly reduce the addiction without drugs, just reducing the amount I drink gradually to reduce withdrawal symptoms, and then using the help of a tranquilizing aid for a few days after that. I'd love to talk to someone who has done this, maybe on email.


Providing a comprehensive and detailed answer around detoxing crosses the boundary into giving medical advice, which we of course cannot do.

Alcohol Withdrawal can be a very dangerous thing if not done properly - potentially even fatal - and that's why getting medical advice or doing it in a supervised environment is usually the recommended course of action.

In terms of natural supplements - all the B Vitamins are especially beneficial, especially B3 (Niacin) which can help with cravings, and Vitamin B12. Magnesium (usually found as part of a calcium complex) is a great natural supplement that can also help with anxiety/restlessness/irritability etc.

But even if you don't want to go into a detox environment, still a good idea to see your G.P. at least to see what they recommend. The stakes are too high to take any chances.

Good Luck

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