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What Is The Best Way To Handle My Sister re Her Drug Addiction?

This is long, but here goes... About 3 months ago my 40 year old sister was taken to the hospital and they found meth, amphetamines, alcohol and hydrocodone in her system. The hospital realized she did not have insurance and kicked her out the next am.

About 4 days later, she was taken back in to a hospital that accepts people w/o insurance and they found meth in her system. She argues it was still in her system and no new drugs were taken. Well, about a week ago, she drives up to her local Fire Station & is acting REALLY strange and says she is looking for her dog.

Because she was acting to strange they called the police and they came and said she even tried to walk into traffic. It ends up that she took a friends car instead of her own truck which was right next to it in the parking lot. The police took her to the uninsured hospital and they admitted her in the psychiatric ward until they found she was ok to leave.

She is saying that she did not take her meds for depression or something & that is why she acted this way, but I do not believe her. I love her very much, tell her that, and gave her a great place to go that she could actually afford. Should I be more confrontational or will that even help? I have no proof that she was on drugs this 3rd time. Answer

Whether or not you have proof your sister was on drugs this time is not the issue. The issue is she has a drug problem and needs professional help. So don't let yourself get sidetracked or misled by your sister, because that will just be her way of avoiding what's going on.

The way to approach her is to be totally direct and honest. Sometimes people confuse being confrontational with having to be aggressive and forcibly get your point across. That's not the case.

The best and most effective way to communicate with your sister is to remain calm, yet speak from a place of clarity, purpose and honesty so that your message really hits home. Because if you get overly emotional, you'll get off track because your sister will probably get defensive.

Lay out the facts calmly, clearly and with love. Tell your sister things can't continue as they are and that she needs professional help, which you've managed to organise. And be very clear as to what the consequences will be if she doesn't agree.

It's much like doing an intervention so think carefully and plan beforehand what you want to say. There are no guarantees but you can only try your best. But in proper preparation and being clear on what you want to say, your chances of success are far greater.

Good Luck

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