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What is Drug Court? Can it work?

My husband has applied for Drug Court. I would like to know what it involves.

Five years ago he got a DUI and it was reduced to wreckless driving, about six months later he got another DUI when he wrecked his van, about a year after that he got another DUI and this past December he got another DUI.

So that makes 3 DUI's and one Wreckless driving. He has spent the night in jail with all and actually had to stay 10 days after the 2nd DUI. He has had house arrest for a period of 6 months then again for 3 months and probation. He was due to get his license back this April after lots obstacles...but he is still driving around now with no license.

He goes to AA and I go to Alanon....but he continues to be irresponsible and I allow it.
I have stood by him and have tried to be supportive. Being in trouble with the law is very bad for me but I accept it?? Why? it is baffling...


According to the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy) - Drug Court is described as follows:

"Drug court diverts non-violent, substance abusing offenders from prison and jail into treatment. By increasing direct supervision of offenders, coordinating public resources, and expediting case processing, drug court can help break the cycle of criminal behavior, alcohol and drug use, and incarceration.

A decade of research indicates that drug court reduces crime by lowering rearrest and conviction rates, improv­ing substance abuse treatment outcomes, and reuniting families, and also produces measurable cost benefits."

So it seems the purpose of drug court would be to get your husband proper treatment for his alcoholism, and then put him on a supervised program to ensure he maintains a new way of life and doesn't further break the law. Whether it works for your husband however depends on how serious he is about changing his ways and actually living a life of sobriety.

I think you need to ask yourself - when are you going to take a firm stand against your husband's behavior and say enough is enough? Because you essentially allow his irresponsible and dangerous behavior, he knows he can get away with it, and so all you do is end up enabling him.

If you told him you would no longer accept it and that there would be severe consequences for him if he continued, he might start to think twice about what he's doing, especially when he realises you're serious and follow through on whatever ultimatum you provide him.

Good Luck.

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