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What Do I Do With My 20 Year Old Daughter Stuck on Meth?

by Alison
(Hilo, hi USA)

My daughter is a mother to a 7 month old girl, and is in love with a 37 year old whom is a womaniser with 4 other women, all with 7 or 8 month old babies. This is my daughter's first love and is addicted to the soap opera of him being in love with all these other women.

This guy introduced my daughter to the drug (crystal meth) and she's been stuck on it now. She would leave her baby with me for a week at a time. She is not allowed to do drugs in our home. I even don't know when she's high, only sometimes. But when she does get high she stays at her cousins.

I love my daughter and feel she is getting deeper into it. I've tried talking to her about her addiction and she doesn't want to hear it from me. I'm not sure if I should call cps and let them know what's happening with my daughter, she is under cps right now. But I helped get her baby back. She's been passing all the drug tests.

I don't know how but she is. How can I help my daughter? Please help me. Answer

Alison, if your daughter is stuck in this crazy game and doesn't want to recognise how toxic it all is, there is little you can do. She's going to have to learn the hard way that a) this guy is bad news and clearly not good for her, and b) thanks to him she's developed herself a meth addiction that she's going to have to get a hold on.

And until she wakes up to the insanity of her life, things are just going to continue down their self-destructive path. So you need to try and get her to wake up to the reality of what's going on and the way you do that is not to preach - but force her to start living with the consequences that come from making poor choices and choosing a life of drug addiction. It's called not enabling her behavior.

A good start would be to get child protective services or social services involved again. How can she fulfil her responsibilities as a mother when she's running off getting high all the time? Another would be to make sure you're in no way providing her any form of financial support. And so on ...

She needs to wake up to the ugliness, destruction and emptiness that accompanies a life of addiction - because only then will she be ready to acknowledge her problem and get the help she needs. Some people call it reaching rock bottom.

That's all you can do Alison. And then hope your daughter wakes up sooner rather than later to the fact that she's destroying her life and not providing for her baby in the way she should.

Take Care

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