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Update on Greg & Lori

by Greg A

Lori finished up her prison sentence (for felony DUI's, domestic violence, parole violation, etc.) in March. Her plan was to get drunk when released on a Friday, stay drunk for the weekend, and go to AA meetings the following week.

She got everything right except the AA part. In fact she nearly got arrested the morning after the day she got out when she came to my house to get her things. She went from friendly to name calling to physical violence and refused to leave until my wife called the cops.

All I had to do was file a disorderly conduct charge and she'd have been right back in jail and possibly gone back to prison. I didn't see any point in doing that, though. Obviously, repeated incarceration has not brought about change. Her alcoholic insanity is in control once again.

Further insanity: The guy who brought her to my house has been married to a severe alcoholic--Connie was arrested for driving with a B.L.A of 0.50 which would be fatal for most people--and she's been imprisoned twice for felony DUI's. Lori met her in prison and now they have a little insanity triangle going, His stated hope is that Connie dies of liver disease soon or kills herself outright.

Drunk or sober Connie's behavior is completely irrational--like when she stuck one of his hand guns in her mouth and pulled the trigger thinking it was loaded--right in front of him. He related this story to a cop who had come to break up the fight between her and Lori--yes, he brought Lori to his house and was glad that Lori "kicked the shit out of her". The cop said that he could have her committed for the suicide attempt, but he won't do it because he doesn't want her to get better. He wants her dead because if she gets well enough to divorce him he'll have to give her 50% of everything.

In telling this story it almost seems like I'm relating the plot of a soap opera, but these people are real. It's sickening to see this guy facilitate his wife's death. I've tried to convince him to get Connie the help she needs but his best solution is what he calls "lead injection into her ear". He's a sick man and it's hard to tell who's the most insane in this triangle of madness. The good thing is that I'm still sober and no longer an active participant.

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Totally Insane!
by: C-P

Hi Greg

Thanks for the update. Astonishing what lengths people will go to to continue their addiction and the pervading cycle of insanity and destruction it perpetuates.

Main thing is you're still sober. Glad to hear it. Will mail you soon. Been slack my side, apologies. As long as you remain sober, everything will turn out alright.

Thanks again

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