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The Power of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chemical, biological, physiological poisoning of the human body caused by the consumption of alcohol. The key word here is consumption. Think about this word … consumption. Consumption requires three components: A body to receive the consumed substance, the substance itself, AND A POWER TO PERFORM THE ACT OF CONSUMPTION.

The body and the substance are mindless and have no power of their own. Without you and your mind, your body will die. The substance alcohol is a chemical liquid with no mind and no nutritional value for your body. Do not believe what some doctors and other "health professionals" tell you when they tell you a drink a day could be beneficial. Your body does not benefit from alcohol in any amount. You are not your body and alcohol is simply a chemical liquid. It has no power over you. It is in fact a poison to your body. You should care about your body. YOU ARE GIVEN ALL THE POWER.

Do not believe the lies concocted and promoted concerning "alcoholism", it is not a disease and is not "caused by a gene". These are lies devised to manipulate you and persuade you to sacrifice your power, time, and energy to ultimately divert money flow into the pockets of various groups and individuals in the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry and the government.

They are no different than the lies an "alcoholic" believed and acted upon when he or she succumbed to the advertising of alcohol, lies implying that alcohol consumption will increase the amount of confidence, joy and sex you will experience. There is no conspiracy against us and I am not persecuting anyone. This is just simply an unfortunate and ugly fact about human nature. We are all selfish to varying extents and I am sharing this with you because I honestly care.

If you are an alcoholic, do not be mislead by all the psycho babble and lies devised to manipulate you into sacrificing your power, time and energy on 12 step processes, therapy, psychoanalysis, blaming your parents, etc. If you are a “recovering” alcoholic then you are still an alcoholic and if you must make the decision every day to stop drinking, then you never truthfully made the decision to stop.

If you intend to remake the decision to stop every day, then you intend to never really stop. Otherwise, why would you have to renew the decision every day? Do you see the lie? Where did this endless "do nothing" loop originate? These lies are devised to deceive, manipulate and persuade you to procrastinate.

They imply that you have no power. They tell you your condition is a disease, a gene, or an unconscious programming of your mind by the environment and experiences you endured as a child. They insinuate that you have no control, when really all the control is yours. They essentially tell you that you are powerless and you must subscribe to therapy, consume another poison, and join this group or that group.

If you succumb to these lies, then you sacrifice your power and give it to others who will use it for their desires. You are not powerless. Don’t be deceived. This involves your body, your mind and … your power, all given to you for free. Only you control what your hands do, and what your arms and hands pour in a glass, and what goes in your mouth and what goes in your digestive track.

You really are given all this power and as you use it or give it away it is constantly and instantly renewed to you for free. Therefore, each new moment provides you new power and new opportunity. What you do with your power, time and energy is your choice. Be thankful for this and ask God (in whatever way is comfortable to you) to help you use your power in wise and loving ways and you will heal.

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by: xander

Anyone can overcome anything! If you believe in yourself and work very hard in that direction, there is nothing you can't do.can't do.

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by: Anonymous

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by: james

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