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The Father of My Two Boys is on Something....

I have been with "joe" for 3 years. He is a great daddy to my son (from previous relationship) and I am now currently pregnant with another little boy.

We had split up for a few months and he just moved back in about a month ago. I started suspecting something but wasn't sure when about two weeks ago when I noticed a habit. On pay days he hangs out with this guy who looks like an addict. And then when he comes home, he isn't hungry, he cleans like crazy and he doesn't wanna sleep.

He has also become less patient with my 3 year old. Last night I went in his cigarette packs and found what looks like 2 joints in his pack. I know its not marijuana, as I know the smell of that. He is mixing whatever it is in with his cigarettes. I approached him last night and he got defensive and told me I was crazy.

He had already "smoked" whatever it was so I could not find out what it was. But I don't know what to do? He is telling me that he rolls his nicotine in the rolling paper ... but that just sounds stupid since he smoke Newports. I feel like I am going crazy.

How can we get him help if all he does is deny it? My kids need their dad and I need him. I am severely high risk and he is my only support system. Now doc are talking about hospitalizing me and I am supposed to leave my son with him?? How do I find out for sure what he is on? He is so secretive. Answer

It's very difficult to do anything if your partner is is denial about using drugs. So unless you catch him in the act, or he admits to being a drug user, he'll probably stick to his story and continue to deny everything.

So trust your instincts. And your main priority needs to be the well-being of your son. So if your partner is using drugs, you can't risk leaving your son with him while you're in hospital. That means you're going to have to find a friend or family member to assist and have your son stay with them until you return home.

Your partner's behavior is unusual and you are rightly suspicious. People don't just stay awake all night, cleaning the house and lose their appetite without reason. Trust your instincts and do what you think is going to be best for you and your son in the long run.

People who use drugs tend to be secretive and display erratic behavior. So unless he displays a sudden turnaround, things are likely to get progressively worse. Take a stand now, not only for your sake but for your children too. Good Luck and Take Care.

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