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The Addiction Disease Theory is Nonsense!!!

by tony j.
(las Vegas NV USA)

The Disease Theory is a concept used by Treatment Facilities in order to appropriate funding and obtain Insurance company payments. Most Treatment Facilities could not treat addictions if it weren't classified as a disease from Insurance writers and underwrites standpoint.

A.A.'s big book never once called alcoholism a disease - in fact the word "disease" only appears once in the first 164 pages and its in reference to Spiritual disease. A.A.'s co-founder and author never intended the word disease to be used in the way its been construed and manipulated over the years.

Alcoholism manifests from a malady, an illness, but not a disease. As far as addiction to drugs is concerned, one could classify it as a social disease. You pump enough narcotics into a rat for any considerable amount of time it will become addicted to the narcotic itself.

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The Addiction Disease Theory is Nonsense!!! NEW
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