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Steve's struggle with Alcohol Induced Depression.

Since the age of 20, I am now 51 I have over the years had severe bouts of depression, I didn't realize it until I was 36 that alcohol was actually the cause.

I was a heavy drinker when I was young, I never displayed the typical symptoms of antisocial behavior. I have seen doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, etc

No one ever told me alcohol can bring on depression. I don't drink much these days, but recently I gave it a nudge one night and its was back with vengeance. The negative effects did not kick in until the next day, and boy was I in trouble then, feelings of impending doom, severe anxiety, hopelessness, suicidal.

How I cope is get off the booze, start exercising, try to eat something even if I struggle to eat. If you are real bad, see your GP and get some anti-anxiety meds just to get the sleep you need to get back on track. Do not under any circumstances keep drinking it will destroy you.

Not many people know that I suffer from this, only immediate family and the occurrences are rare because I drink in moderation. This recent episode gave me a stark reminder, its been over 10 years since the last one.

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Husband just can't stop
by: Anonymous

Congratulations Steve. My husband is having problems kicking the habit. Last March he did attempt to kill himself by crashing the car. He lost his job 2 years ago due to alcohol, had just started a new job when calls from creditors got the better of him and so the attempt. Lost his licence for 4 years and have since been on antidepressant meds and seeing a shrink but he struggles to stop the drinking claiming it helps him sleep. Not being able to find work is really playing hard on him. How do I help him kick this habit, he knows it is not good for him but says he is trying to cut down but I think he should stop. I can't get him to go to AA or any group like that, we have two young kids and I am really worried. Any advice on what I can do to stop him. He hides the bottle from me and tries to cover up when I find them. I have resorted to him handing over his atm cards so he can't go and buu more but feel terrible doing it. Please any advice?

Thanks for Sharing
by: Anonymous

I have struggled with depression and realize my drinking is making it worse. I am trying to take it one day at a time. It is good to have reminders.

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