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Some Thoughts So Far On Attempting to Achieve Sobriety

This is my first attempt at this. I started drinking as a teen at times when I was with a boyfriend (who was older) and his friends. I used it to fit in socially like many teens. Then in my late twenties I used wine every night as my tension release.

I did start to hear that little voice in my head that was warning me, asking me if this was becoming too much of a regular thing. I sought some people's advice, but what I did not realize is that they too had some very regular habits when it came to alcohol.

So their response to me was tainted by their uneasiness or hesitation to self reflect about their habits ... so here I am in my late thirties struggling for over the last year to quit, realizing I want a different kind of life.

Over the past 14 months or so I have had two very successful bouts of sobriety. My first month in I had stopped drinking and feeling really ok about it. Then I got stupid. I thought since I was so successful and did not have cravings that I could once again become a social drinker ... the next time, not too long after, I lasted over 60 days, but again thought I could handle having one glass.

While I did at the time, it quickly returned to the monster in my head who always wants three or more. So I am here again, but I do not yet have the same resolve as I did with those other two successful, albeit temporary, bouts of sobriety.

Maybe it is supposed to feel different at this stage, unsure. It would be extremely helpful to have the mindset I had before because I was MUCH better at avoiding triggers and warding off cravings.

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and i'm an alcoholic
by: Joe

I commend you for your attempts and willingness to overcome. Today is my 4th day. I know I have a long long way to go. I decided to finally face the monster. I was in denial for soooo long. I will NOT be able to do it alone and have decided to attend AA meetings and look up an old friend, Jesus Christ and God himself. This is the only way I can see myself coming out the other side in one piece. I have tried to do it alone many many times but always fell short. wish me luck and send a few prayers my way, gonna need them. Joe

by: Anonymous

I am so glad to hear you want to be sober and have a better life. I can only imagine how hard this must be. My daughter is a recovering heroin addict who is now on her 6th attempt at sobriety from not only heroin but everything. She says even one hit of a joint leaves her craving for more and more other things so she says she can't use anything. I know that she too is struggling and finds it so difficult. she says she has learned all the tips and coping skills but knowing and applying are two different things. I read something helpful, it said to ask all those who want to be sober "what is your plan to do this? I thought, 'wow" how powerful. I asked my daughter and she just went "huh? you need to make a plan and stick to it. gives you something to focus on.

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