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Ruby's Alcoholism is Destroying My Best Friend

by B

My name is B, I am thirteen years old. Ruby is my best friend's mother. She is an alcoholic and has been for a very long time. Longer than I have known Cathrine (addict's daughter, my friend).

The way that Ruby's alcoholism effects Cathrine is heartbreaking, I can no longer watch all this happen to her without telling someone, anyone.
Ruby has tried many times to be a good mother. Going to treatment, staying sober for a few weeks, but in the long run, the alcohol always wins out over her daughter.

Since I met Cathrine, and since she confessed her family's deepest secrets to me, I have feared for what would happen to Cathrine and her family if Ruby was to take a turn for the worst. Cathrine has told me how Ruby has injured herself while drunk, not too long ago she broke her leg. I remember the texts she has sent me, how if Ruby relapses again, she could die.

This has caused Cathrine and her entire family so much depression, it's hard to think that there is nothing I can do. So I am doing the only thing I can. I don't know as much as I would like in the history of Ruby's addiction, but what I know is enough to make me cry as I write this.

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Cathrine Needs to Talk to Someone
by: Anonymous

If Ruby doesn't want help or to turn her life around there isn't much anyone can do. The main thing for Cathrine though is to learn not to let her mother's alcoholism take her down too. She needs to find someone she can really talk to about what's going on at home - a counselor or someone like that. Keeping it all in is the worst thing she can do. You're a great friend for trying to find ways to help - so try find a professional and someone who understands addictions for Cathrine to talk to. It will help her deal with everything going on at home.

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